Twelth Night Act one TQ, Act 2 Twelfth Night

Olivia loves Viola/Cesario (thinks shes cesario)
Viola/Cesario loves Orsino (Duke, Count)
Toby is Olivias Uncle
Viola and Olivia both 1. Brother died 2. Women of high rank3. Lots of $$4. Father died
Orsino (Duke, Count) loves Olivia
Olivia won’t show her face to anyone for 7 years
Olivia wears a vail to, Honor her dead brotherPlay hard to get
The only person who knows about Viola being Cesario is The caption
Violas motive to dress as Cesario is to Not get caught
Viola became___with her country after ___ Enemy, ship reck
You have to be quick to become one of the____ favorites Dukes
Who is the new Suiter (2nd in love with) for Olivia Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Why does Sir Toby encourage this suiter to pursue Olivia To take care of her.
Andrew is Smart, good looking, and musical
What instructions does the Duke give Cesario Go talk to Olivia and don’t come back until you see her. Tell her I love her and I need to have her
Why is Cesario the right person for the job? Olivia rufuses to see men and Cesario has feminine qualities so it would be easier for him to see Olivia
Cesario and Orsino are Color characters
What is the dramatic irony in the first scene? Sebastian has returned and he thinks Viola is dead
How might the introduction of Sebastian be important to later events in the play? Since Sebastian and Viola look the same, there might be confusion in the future as to who is really Sebastian and who is really Cesario
Where does Sebastian intend to go? To Duke Orsino’s house
Why can’t Antonio go with him? He is not thought of fondly by the Duke and his attendants
How does Viola react when Malvolio catches up to her and wishes to return the ring to her? She is at first in denial and then begins to understand how Olivia feels about her/him.
What realization does Viola make once Malvolio exits? How does she feel about this? That Olivia wants her to return and is intrigued by her, she is extremely surprised and pities Olivia
What time of day is it when the scene opens with sir Toby and sir Andrew? Midnight
What mood is Sir Toby in? What is Sir Andrew’s mood? How easily is Sir Andrew’s mood changed? They’re both drunk and very happy and want to keep on partying
Why does Maria enter and what does she warn them of? She warns them that they are too loud and Malvolio may come to admonish them.
What does Malvolio want with the three? How does he act toward them? He wants them to be quiet and acts superior
What threat does Malvolio issue to sir Toby? He should leave if he keeps drinking. Olivia doesn’t like his behavior.
What scheme does Maria devise once Malvolio exits? What is the ultimate purpose of the plan ? She’s going to make a fool out of him
Why do you think Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew dislike Malvolio so much? He’s rude and controlling
What opinion does Sir Toby hold for Maria at the end of the scene? She a man’s best friend; he compares her to a Beagle
What advice does the Duke give Cesario regarding love? To marry a woman younger than himelf
“poor lady, she were better love a dream!” Who is the poor lady? Olivia
What does the Duke send Cesario back to tell Olivia? What does this reveal about the nature of the Duke’s love? The Duke says he doesn’t want her money or land, he only wants love
Who says “He will come to her in yellow stockings…”? MAria
What does Maria tell Sir Toby, Fabian, and Sir Andrew to do in Act 2 sc 5? Hide behind bushes
What is Malvolio daydreaming about even before he picks up the letter? Marrying Olivia
Why does Malvolio believe the letter is to him? The letter says she adores a servant and he believes the letters hints it is him.
What things does Maria hint at in the letter to help make Malvolio look like an idiot to Olivia? Fight w/Sir Toby and wear his yellow stockings
Who is “scab,” “an overweaning rougue,” and a “woodcock” near a trap? Malvolio
I am all the daughters of my father’s house, and all the brothers too Viola