twelfth night vocabulary

surfeit to gorge, overindulge in eating
cloister monastery or place of seclusion
provident acting with an eye toward the future; prudent, frugal
abjure to renounce or reject; abstain from
ducat old European word for coin
prodigal extravagantly or recklessly wasteful
transgress to violate a law or sin
nonpareil having no equal
fervor intensity of feeling
peevish fretful, obstinate
churlish vulgar or uncivil, difficult to work or deal with
mellifluous having a rich, smooth flow
cater waulling protesting or crying harshly
mitigate to make less harsh, hostile or painful
staid having calmness and self restraint; sober or grave
bide to wait for, put up with, tolerate
damask a firm, lustrous fabric with patters in satin
niggardly grudginly reluctant to spend; stingy
demure modest, reserved or coy
prerogative an exclusive, right, power or privilege belonging to one due to status
inure to accustom to accept something undesirable
manifest readily perceived by the senses
wanton hard to control, unruly, mischievous
loath unwilling to do something against one’s way of thinking; disinclined
upbraid to scold or criticize severely
martial of or related to the war or military
visage face, aspect or appearance of something
presage an omen or indication of the future
pedant one who is unimaginative or over emphasizes particulars in presentation or use of knowledge