Twelfth Night Study Questions

Who are the two twins? Viola and Sebastian
Who is the duke of Illyria? Orsino
Who does the duke love and want to marry? Olivia
Who does Olivia love? Cesario
Who does Viola dress up as to serve for Duke Orsino? Cesario
Who does Viola love? Orsnio
Why is Olivia so sad? Her brother and dad died
Why was it so important when Olivia removed the veil from her face? She had promised to keep it covered for seven years
What is the love triangle? Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario/Viola, Viola/Cesario loves Orsino
Who started the duel with Viola? One of Olivia’s servers
Who did Antonio injure to get in jail for? Orsino’s nephew
Who does Orsino marry? Viola/Cesario