Twelfth Night Study Guide

Where does the play take place? Illyria
The Duke has a very famous speech, in the beginning of the play, about love. How is the Duke feeling about love as the play opens? He wants so much love that he dies, “give me excess if it”
What news does Valentine bring the Duke? How does the Duke take this news? Valentine tells the Duke that Olivia is still mourning over the death of her brother.
How does the Duke take the news from Valentine? The Duke then says that if she is so devoted to her brother, than she must be a great lover.
What country has Viola arrived in? Illyria
What does Viola think has happened to her brother? Viola thinks her brother has died in the shipwreck that she was rescued from.
How does the captain give Viola some hope about Sebastian? He by telling her that he saw her brother tie himself to a mast to rescue himself, so he might be alive.
What do Viola and Olivia seem to have in common? Both of them lost or thought they lost a brother. They are both going through tough grieving & trying to deal with all of the emotions and outcomes of grief.
What plan does Viola propose to the captain? She tells the captain that she will dress as a man and go with him as her aid to serve the duke & try to find out about her brother.
What kind of person does Sir Toby appear to be? Why? He is cheerful, amusing, but usually tipsy. He drinks a lot and is constantly drunk.
What does Sir Toby say to Sir Andrew to keep him from leaving? Say that Maria is in love with him
How does the text reveal that Maria has a ‘thing’ for Sir Toby? She plays hard to get. One minutes she’s holding his hand the next she’s rejecting his hand and making fun of him.
How does the text reveal that Sir Andrew isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer? When Toby, Maria, and Andrew are all greeting each other for the first time we see them, Toby tells Andrew to accost Maria, so he walks up to her and says “accost”. (Accost is to woo/charm)
What name has Viola given herself as she pretends to be a man? Cesario
How do we know that the Duke has really taken to Viola, his new pageboy? He sends “him” to go woo Olivia, trusting him to do so. He also explains how “he” may not leave until “he” talks to Olivia.
What does the Duke ask Viola to do for him? The Duke asks Viola to send his love messages to Olivia. He says, “Unfold the passion of my love”
Why does the Duke argue that Viola is better suited for the task than an older servant? Where is there humor in this? The Duke says that in Viola’s “good youth,” he will be able to speak to her and have Olivia understand it better in “thy youth” than in a nuncio’s more grave aspect. The humor in this is that Viola (Cesario) really is better suited for this, because HE is a FEMALE, and SHE understands better the ideas of the love the Duke is trying to give to Olivia.
How does Viola feel about performing the task for the Duke? She argues with the Duke that Olivia is mourning her brother and isn’t going to love him
What is revealed about Viola’s feelings for the Duke? Viola is falling in love with the Duke
In the beginning of this scene Maria is arguing with the clown (Feste) over his long absence. What does the clown imply about Maria and Sir Toby to shut her up? “If Sir Toby would leave drinking, thou wert as witty a piece of Eve’s flesh as any in Illyria.”She would be the wittiest person in Illyria if she didn’t associate herself with Sir Toby who has a drinking problem
Why doesn’t Olivia want to see the clown or have him around? She is in mourning and the clown represents happiness and mourning
What does the clown say when Olivia asks her servants to take him away? That he made a mistake but he is no longer a sinner
What does the clown say he can prove if Olivia gives him a chance to? That Olivia is a fool
How does the clown win his argument? The Fool asks why she is mourning and she responses with her brother’s death. The Fool says he thinks his soul is in hell and Olivia says she knows his soul is in heaven. The Fool then says she is the real fool for being sad that her brother is in heaven
What does Malvolio think of the clown? He hates him
How does the clown feel about Malvolio? That he is stuck up and an all around grouch
Who is waiting at the gate to see Olivia? Cesario
Who keeps him there rather than send him away? Sir Toby answers the door
Who does Olivia send to the gate to get rid of the stranger? Malvolio
What state is Sir Toby in when he returns from the gate to see Olivia? Sir Toby is drunk when he returns from the gate
Who does Olivia ask to look after Sir Toby after he is found drunk? Feste
When Malvolio returns, why does he say he is unable to get rid of the stranger? Cesario refuses to leave until he gets to talk to Olivia
How does Malvolio describe the person at the gate to Olivia? As very young, handsome, and delicate looking
What does Olivia ask “Cesario” to do with his speech? To keep it to himself because she’s already heard it
Why do you think Viola might want to see Olivia’s face? To see her competition
What does Viola think of Olivia? She thinks that Olivia is very beautiful and that it must not be natural and she is wearing makeup.
How does Olivia respond to what “Cesario” has to say about the Duke’s love? She tells Cesario that she doesn’t love the Duke and never will. She is more interested in finding out more about Cesario.
Once Olivia is alone, what does she admit has caught her off-guard? Her feelings for Cesario
What does Olivia send Malvolio to do and why do you suppose she does this? To return a ring to Cesario that she pretends he had left as a token of her attraction to him
What is dramatic Irony? When the audience knows something that the characters do not.
What is an example of dramatic irony in this play? Sebastian does not know his sister is alive, but we do.
How might the introduction of Sebastian be important to later events in the play? Sebastian could see Cesario and realize that Cesario is actually Viola.
Where does Sebastian intend to go? Illyria.
Why can’t Antonio go with him? Antonio has many enemies in Orsino’s court.
What is the implied deed Antonio committed in Illyria He was a pirate
How does Viola react when Malvolio catches up to her and wishes to return the ring to her? She does not accept the ring
What realization does Viola make once Malvolio exits? Viola realizes that Olivia wanted the ring to be returned so the two could meet again. She makes the connection that Olivia is in love with her.
How does Viola feel about Olivia being in love with her? She feels bad because she realizes how bad disguises are and she knows that Olivia cannot truly love her.feels bad because she realizes how bad disguises are and she knows that Olivia cannot truly love her.
What time of day is it when Act 2 Scene 3 opens with sir Toby and Sir Andrew? Midnight
What mood is Sir Toby in? (Act 2, Scene 3) Sir Toby is eager and excited to be up at such a late hour.
What mood is Sir Andrew in? (Act 2, Scene 3) Sir Andrew is pessimistic and doesn’t want to be up
How does Sir Andrews mood change? (Act 2, Scene 3) His mood changes when Feste the Fool enters and he sings a song.
Why does Maria enter and what does she warn them of? Andrew and Toby were being very loud. She warns them of the possibility that they will be kicked out of the house.
What does Malvolio want with the three? He wants them to sharpen up their behavior.
How does he act towards them? He acts like a messenger, relaying the information that Olivia told him to the three.
What threat does Malvolio issue to Maria? He threatens to tell Lady Olivia about Maria’s behavior.
What scheme does Maria come up with once Malvolio exits? Maria devises a plan to send letters to Malvolio acting like they came from Olivia.
What is the ultimate purpose of the plan? The ultimate purpose is to embarrass Malvolio.
Why do you think Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Maria dislike Malvolio so much? Opinion question, could be due to the fact that Malvolio does not join them when they are misbehaving, or that Malvolio thinks he is above them and frowns upon their foolishness.
What warning does the Duke give “Cesario” regarding love? The duke tells Cesario that he should marry young because women are more beautiful at a young age.
What opinion on older women and marriage does the Duke hold? How might this reflect Shakespeare’s own opinions? The Duke says that a man should always marry someone who is younger than he is never older because younger women always adjust to what their husbands want and that is good because a husband’s desires always are changing a younger woman will be able to adjust to his changes in desires.
What does the Duke send “Cesario” back to tell Olivia? He tells “Cesario” to go back to Olivia and to tell her that he wants to be with her not because of her wealth but because of her beauty.
What does this reveal about the nature to the Duke’s love? The Duke is very shallow and only values what is on the exterior.
What opinions on women and love does the Duke express to “Cesario”? Woman do not love intensely and no woman could ever love as intensely as he could. He says that women “eat too much of love and then get nausea”.
How does “Cesario” respond to these opinions? Cesario tells Orsino a story about her father’s daughter and how she was in love with a man.
What is amusing about “Cesario’s” argument? It is amusing because she then says: “I am all the daughters of my father’s house…and all the brothers too.
What does Maria tell Sir Toby, Fabian, and Sir Andrew to do? If you know, check out the Google doc and answer! If you are unable to get into the Google doc please state it in the comments under the info tab. Help us keep the A in our GPA’s!
What is Malvolio daydreaming about even before he picks up the letter? Malvolio is daydreaming about being royal/having a high status and having Toby, Andrew, and Maria all waiting on and serving him
Why does Malvolio believe the letter is to him? Each of the letters on the envelope were in his name
What things does Maria put in the letter to help make Malvolio look like an idiot to Olivia? She puts in the letter that he needs to put on yellow stockings cross-gartered, always smile, and be nice to everyone no matter what.
Why will doing these things make Malvolio look like a fool? Because Olivia hates the color yellow and cross garter is a very outdated and unfashionable look
Why do Viola and the clown seem to get along so well? The clown seems to know what’s going on
What does Olivia so concerned with that she keeps asking Cesario to tell her? If you know, check out the Google doc and answer! If you are unable to get into the Google doc please state it in the comments under the info tab. Help us keep the A in our GPA’s!
What does Olivia reveal to “Cesario” and how does “Cesario” respond? Olivia loves Cesario and Cesario tells Olivia that Cesario is not what she seems
Why does Olivia ask “Cesario” to come back? Olivia loves Cesario a lot
Why does Sir Andrew tell Sir Toby he is going to leave? He doesn’t think he has a chance with Olivia
How do Sir Toby and Fabian convince him to stay? They tell Sir Andrew that Olivia is just trying to make in jealous and that she is really in love with him.
What do Sir Toby and Fabian send Sir Andrew off to do? To write a letter challenging Cesario to a duel
What is revealed about Sir Toby’s ‘friendship’ with Sir Andrew? It is revealed that Toby only cares about Sir Andrews money
What does Sir Toby plan to do with the letter? Give it to Malvolio and make him seem stupid
Why does Antonio risk going to Illyria to find Sebastian? Antonio risks going into Illyria because he loves Sebastian and wants to help him
Why is Antonio in danger in Illyria? Antonio was a pirate and stole from some people in Illyria and never paid them back
Where does Antonio tell Sebastian to meet him? Antonio tells Sebastian to meet him at the place they are staying, The Elephant
Why does Antonio give Sebastian his purse? In case he wanted to buy anything while he was out exploring Illyria
Why does Olivia want to see Malvolio? Olivia is sad that Cesario is not responding to her love so she sends for Malvolio because she wants someone as equally sad and depressed to help her with her strategy.
What does Maria tell Olivia about Malvolio? Maria tells Olivia that Malvolio has gone mad.
How does Olivia respond to this “new” Malvolio? She feels bad for Malvolio because of the way sir toby treated him
Who does Olivia ask to look after Malvolio? Sir Toby
How might this be a bad thing for Malvolio? Because in the letter it said for Malvolio to speak scornfully to the servants.
How do Sir Toby, Maria, and Fabian treat Malvolio? They lock him in a dark room and treat him like he is possessed.
What does Sir Toby say they’re going to do to Malvolio? Keep him locked in the cell.
What does Sir Toby tell Andrew he thinks of his letter? What does he really think? He thinks the letter is silly and stupid, but tells Andrew it’s great.
What does Olivia ask “Cesario” to do for her? She gives Cesario a locket with her photo in it and insists she wear it.
What does “Cesario” ask Olivia to do? He asks Olivia to love Orsino
How does Viola respond to Sir Toby’s challenge from Sir Andrew? He declines the offer
How does Sir Toby describe Sir Andrew to Viola? He calls him a fierce fighter.
What does Sir Toby tell Sir Andrew about his confrontation with Viola? Says he is anxious for a fight and is a terrific swordsman.
What does Sir Andrew tell Sir Toby to tell Viola in response to this? He tells him not to draw blood and neither does Viola
Does he do this? The fight is declared a draw
What happens when Antonio enters and Sir Andrew and Viola are drawn on one another? Antonio goes to Viola’s rescue
Why is this? Because he mistakes her for her brother Sebastian.
What do the officers do to Antonio when they see him? When the officers see Antonio they arrest him and take him away
How does Viola react to Antonio’s questions? Viola is very confused because she does not know him, but he claims to know her.
What does Viola begin to think once Antonio is taken away? There could be a possibility that that her brother Sebastian is alive
What does Sir Toby think of Viola’s treatment of Antonio? Toby thinks that Cesario is a coward because Viola/”cesario” didn’t fight Antonio
What does Sir Andrew decide because of this? This is when sir andrew decides to challenge “Cesario” to a duel to fight for Olivia’s love
What “bet” does Sir Toby make at the end of the scene? Toby “bets” that Cesario and Andrew are both too cowardly to fight, they’re both all bark and no bite (line 416)
What is the problem between the clown and Sebastian? Feste is on his way to see “Cesario” and he comes across Sebastian thinking it is “Cesario”. Then Sebastain pays Feste for entertaining him and being the fool and Feste gets Sebastian to pay him again and he will pay him once more when he returns
What happens when Sir Andrew “catches up” with Sebastian? He thinks it is “Cesario” so he starts to fight him and then they get into a quarrel and it becomes this whole big thing and it’s just a mess.
What does Olivia ask Sebastian? To come to her house
How does Sebastian respond to Olivia’s request? He takes up the offer
Who does the clown dress up as and pretend to be? A priest
How does the clown worsen things for Malvolio? He pretends to be a priest and has a fake conversation with the priest
What does Sir Toby realize and become afraid of? He realizes that he can no longer continue with the teasing as he does not want Olivia to get even more angry at him.
What does Malvolio ask the clown for? For pen and paper so he can write a letter to Olivia
How would you describe Malvolio’s frame of mind? Malvolio is upset and angry for being treated this way
What does Sebastian think of Olivia and his situation? He thinks she is acting very strange
What proposition does Olivia offer and how does Sebastian respond? She offers to marry him and says yes
Why might it make sense for Sebastian to respond this way? People didn’t marry for love, they married for power and wealth and Olivia was the mistress of a household.
When Antonio tells the Duke that he rescued “Cesario” from the sea how does the Duke respond? He thinks Antonio is insane
What does the Duke say to “Cesario” when Olivia calls “Cesario” her husband? He says, “Your master quits you..” so that he basically is saying to viola/cesario that he/she does not work for him any more, so that they can get married
What does Sir Andrew say when he enters? Cesario was beating Toby and him up when Cesario was actually with all of them.
How does Olivia react when she learns who she’s really married to? Olivia is excited that there are 2 of them
How does the Duke react when he realizes “Cesario” is really a woman? He proposes to her
What does Malvolio say in his letter to Olivia? Malvolio writes in his letter that he is quitting.
How does Olivia put two-and-two together to figure out what has really happened to Malvolio? He tells her that he is resigning and that he is basically saying that he is going to talk bad about her name.
What happens with Sir Toby and Maria? They get married
Why does Toby marry Maria? Sir Toby admires her wit and cunning
How does the play end? Feste sings a song from violas point of view, wrapping everything up and tying up all the loose ends and bringing the audience back into the real world/ real life