Twelfth Night Practice Quizzes

Orsino is Duke, or Count, of: Illyria
Viola is saved from the wreck by: a sea captain
Apart from her brother, who in Olivia’s family has just died? her father
Viola sympathizes with Olivia even before they meet because: Olivia just lost her brother
Sir Toby, Olivia’s uncle, has the surname: Belch
Which of these is NOT the name of one of Orsino’s servants?ValentineCesarioCurioFabian Fabian
When Viola will not take the ring from Malvolio, Malvolio: throws the ring on the ground
Viola tries to convince Orsino that women can feel love by: telling him of her “sisters” love
How long does Olivia pledge to mourn her dead brother? 7 years
In Act II, Orsino compares women, somewhat unfavorably, to: roses
Which character is NOT involved in baiting Malvolio with the letter?Sir AndrewSir TobyFesteFabian Feste
In Act III, Viola says that Feste is:` a “wise fool”
Which of these characters does NOT love Olivia?Sir AndrewOrsinoMalvolioFabian Fabian
Antonio is wanted in Illyria because of “piracy” like activities
What color, (the color of Malvolio’s stockings) does Olivia abhor? yellow
Sir Andrew challenges Viola to a duel as an attempt to win Olivia
Sebastian and Viola are from Messaline
Who stops the duel between Sir Andrew and Viola? Antonio
At what point does Viola know that her brother is alive? when Antonio mistakes her for him
Within the play, Feste pretends to be a curate
Which of these things does Malvolio ask for when he is imprisoned pen and ink
In Act V, how long does Antonio claim that Sebastian has been with him? 3 months
Which of these things is Viola NOT accused of in Act V?marrying Lady Oliviagetting Antonio arrestedbeating Sir Toby and Sir Andrewangering Orsino getting Antonio arrested
The chorus of the ending song that Feste sings is “the rain it raineth every day”
Feste calls Olivia a fool because she mourns her brother, when he’s in heaven
Viola and Orsino’s marriage is postponed until she can get her clothes back
Throughout the play, Maria has affection for Sir Toby
When does Viola realize that Olivia loves “Cesario”? When she sends “Cesario” the ring
Why does Feste become upset at Orsino because Orsino dismisses him so easily
Before serving Olivia, Feste served Olivia’s father
Who convinces Sir Andrew to challenge Viola to a duel? Sir Toby
Olivia attributes Malvolio’s odd behavior to “midsummer madness”
What does Antonio give to Sebastian before their first parting? Antonio’s purse
According to Feste, which of these best represents Orsino?an opala sworda rainbowfine silk an opal
Who halts the duel between Sir Toby and Sebastian? Olivia
Orsino reacts to Olivia’s final rejection in Act V by getting angry at Viola
Sir Toby and co. decide to get revenge on Malvolio for: berating them harshly for their merrimaking
What is the name of the fake cleric who visits Malvolio? Sir Topaz
Who does Olivia call to testify about her marriage before Viola and Orsino? a priest
Which character in the play utters the line, “I was adored once too”? Sir Andrew