Twelfth Night – Olivia Quotes

“Till seven years heat shall not behold her face” Olivia vows to mourn her dead brother for 7 years
“Show you the picture” Olivia is seen to be very vain here when she agrees to lift the veil from her face
“Send no more – “ The pause after Olivia’s sentence shows she has fallen in love with Viola as she realises she wants to see her again
“I love thee” Olivia is presented as fickle because she abandons her promise to mourn and instead declares her love for Viola
“Most jealous and too doubtful soul” Olivia is shown to be slightly self-conscious here perhaps revealing some hidden insecurities
“He shall conceal it” Olivia has her marriage to Sebastien in secret, this may be because she feels guilty for breaking her vow to mourn
“I would not have him miscarry for the half of my dowry” Shows a compassionate side to Olivia’s character she clearly cares about Malvolio’s well being
“Abjured the sight and company of men” Olivia has given up men to remember her brother
“I will give out divers schedules of my beauty” Olivia is shown to be vain
“Impressure her Lucrece” The seal-ring that Olivia uses represents the model of chastity
“Scorn looks beautiful” “Anger of his lip!” Olivia can be seen as rather obsessed with Cesario as she even finds him attractive when he is angry