Twelfth Night – Critic: Lisa Hopkins: “Marriage as Comic Closure”

What quotes back up ‘In many instances single or multiple marriages are used to provide comic closure’? 1) “I’ll have a share in this most happy wreck”2) “In recompense whereof he hath married her”3)”In other habits you are see/Orsino’s mistress, and his fancy’s queen’4) “A contract of eternal bond of love”
What quotes back up ‘In other examples the very fact of marriage is used as the mainspring of comedy’? 1) “To be Count Malvolio”2) “I could marry the wench for this device”3) “Or I am mad, or else this is a dream … if it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!” (Dramatic irony of audience)
What quotes back up ‘Despite the traditional view that marriage provides comic closure, this is, in fact, rarely achieved’? -Malvolio: “Having been three months married to her” he can only imagine marriage to her, “I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you”- Sir Andrews pursuit of Olivia is unsuccessful “She’ll none of me. The count himself hard by woos her”- It could be argued that Olivia is not happy with her marriage to Sebastian as she liked Cesario for more than just ‘his’ looks. “make a willow cabin at your gate” etc.
What quotes back up ‘Comedy lacked a theory… but there was a growing tradition which established marriage as the goal at least of romantic comedy’? 1) “yet a barful strife/whoe’er i woo, myself would be his wife”2) “I could marry wench for this device”3) “Plight me the full assurance of your faith”
What quotes back up ‘The audience is repeatedly encouraged to expect that proceedings will be appropriately closed with a wedding’? “Yet a barful strife!/Whoe’er I woo, myself I would be his wife” “I could marry the wench for this device””Here to be her wooer””To pay this debt but to a brother” “How will she love when these sovereign thrones are all supplied and filed/her sweet perfections with one selfsame king”