Twelfth Night Allusions

Arion Greek musician rescued by a dolphin after sailors stole his money and ordered his to jump overboard
Candy former name of the capital of Crete
Saint Bennet Saint Benedict, a church in london
Brownist extremist who advocated separation from the church of England and demanded freedom from government interference
cockatrice mythological serpent that could kill will the glare of his eyes
Diana Roman name for Artemis, goddess of the moon and the hunt
diliculo surgere first two words of a latin proverb meaning “rising at dawn makes a man healthy”
Egyptian thief Thyamis stood ready to kill his captive, Chariclea to prevent enemies from taking her
Elysium paradise
golden shaft arrow shot by the god of love, Cupid
Jezebel wife of Ahab, King of Israel
Jove Roman name for Zeus
Legion name of devils possessing a man in the New Testament
Lethe the river of forgetfulness in Hades
Mercury messenger god in greek mythology
metal of India gold
Mall reference to a prostitute or another name for Mary
Pandarus procurer, pimp
pavan slow dance
Penthesilea Queen of the Amazons – race of tall, warlike women
Pythagoras Greek mathematician
renegado Christian who becomes a heathen
Sir Topas Comic protagonist
Sophy name applied to a Persian ruler
tray-trip dice game
Vulcan Roman name for the blacksmith god
westward ho the cry of boatmen called for passengers to Westminster