Twelfth Night Acts 1-5 questions

The primary focus of the great Chain of Being is Everything on Earth and in heaven is linked and orderly. All people and things have their place in a grand scheme. To give sense, order, and meaning of life.
Whom does Olivia send off with a ring to give a message to Cesario? Who says this famous quote? Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Malvolio.
How many years will Olivia mourn? Seven
Elizabethan society interpreted The Great Chain of Being to mean that… Servants Remained Servants
In the theory of the Triangulation of Desire, the greatest action occurs … Between two or more subjects pursuing the same goal.
In the Great Chain of Being the servant would be… Closest to the animals.
What happens in a Shakespearean romantic Comedy? There is a happy ending.
Orsino believes himself to be in love with… Olivia
Sir Toby is best described as… Loud and fun-loving
A weak-minded man who wants to marry Olivia is… Sir Andrew
Viola dresses as a boy and uses the name… Cesario
What happens if you tamper with the Great Chain of Being? Chaos
Which plant is at the top of the hierarchy in the Great Chain of Being? Rose
Who is the head mistress of Olivia’s court? Maria
Why does Viola disguise herself as a man? It would explain her high voice and small frame. It would help her get a job in the Duke’s court. It allows her greater freedom as a man during this time.
Often, the Triangulation of Desire becomes more about ________ than about finding true love. Winning the prize.
At the beginning of Twefth Night, Duke Orsino is __________ Listening to Music.
Viola believes that her brother Sebastian is in _______. Elysium.
What describes the mess that Viola has gotten herself in? Orsino loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario, Viola loves Orsino.
The best example of The Great Chain of Being being disrupted is when ________ Malvolio imagines that he will marry the Countess Olivia, and become Count Malvolio.
Maria said of Malvolio “Here comes the trout that must be caught…” This is an example of ________ Metaphor
Maria describes Malvolio as a _________ Puritan; goody two shoes.
Orsino advised Viola/Cesario that a woman should always choose ________ for a partner A wiser man.
Who fishes Sebastian out of the sea and saves him? Antonio
Olivia makes it clear to Viola/Cesario that her true feelings for the duke are ___________ He is handsome, rich, high in character, but she is not interested.
How does Malvolio react when he finds the letter? Absolutely delighted and makes sure he follows the instructions exactly.
What makes Viola realize that she is in a mess? Olivia loves her.
What does Maria suggest they do to Malvolio in revenge? Send a fake love letter from Olivia.
When Malvolio appears and tells maria, Sir Andrew, and Sir Toby off, why is Maria the most annoyed? She had just told them to be quiet, she had done nothing wrong.
What does Malvolio’s name mean? Ill-wisher.
Sebastian and Viola are ________. Cousins and brother and sister.
What does sir Toby give Feste to entice him to sing a song? Money
The letter that maria plants for Malvolio states that he should do what in Olivia’s presence? Wear yellow stockings and smile at her.
What is the object of desire, relating to the Triangulation of Desire? Olivia.
What does Viola mean when she says I am all the Daughters of my father’s house, and all the brother’s too. She is the only child left in her family, she is a woman in disguise as a man, her brother has passed away.
In order to get Sir ndrew and Cesario to duel each-other Sir Toby ___________ Sets them up with lies about the other’s skill at fighting.
How doesViola/Cesario react to Antonio calling her Sebastian? She is given hope that her brother may be alive.
Shakespeare included situaions where women disguise themselves as women to _______________ Illustrate that women could not move as independently in society as men. To highlight the current situation of the ruling Queen Elizabeth. To create humor and chaos for the audience’s amusement.
Why did Lady olivia think Malvolio is crazy. He kept smiling and wore yellow stockings.
Why has Sir Andrew decided to leave Olivia’s house? Olivia has shown more kindness and attention to a messenger than he.
Viola must disguise herself as a man for practical reasons because ___________ Duke Orsino’s court will not hire female servants.
Where does Feste the Fool, live? In a house by the church.
Cesario delivers a message from Duke Orsino to Olivia- How does Olivia react? She speaks openly of her love for Cesario
When Viola/Cesario tells Olivia, “No woman has; nor never shall mistress be of it, save I alone,” she is saying __________ No woman will have his heart (Because he is a woman)
Why can Antonio not go into town with Sebastian? He stole from Duke Orsino.
Why does Sir Toby decide to end the joke on Malvolio? He is worried that he has upset his niece.
Who is this quote talking about? ORSINO: “One face, one habit, and two persons! A natural perspective, that is a and is not!” Viola and Sebastian
During Shakespeare’s time the traditional European fool _________ Could be crazy and get away with it. Had permission to give a different point of view. Was admired and celebrated.
At the end of twelfth Night ____________ Multiple couples are married or engaged. The Great Chain of Being is put right again. Malvolio, Sir Andrew, and Antonio are not part of the happy ending.
Who dresses up like Sir Topas the priest? Feste.
After stopping the fight, Lady Olivia thinks she is talking to Cesario. What does Lady Olivia do? Asks Cesario (Actually Sebastian) to marry her.
What does Duke Orsino do when he realizes the true gender and identity of Viola? He immediately declares his love for her.
What three things does Malvolio request in prison? Ink, paper and candle.
How does Sebastian react to meeting Lady Olivia? He is instantly attracted but confused.
During Act 4, Malvolio ____________ Has been imprisoned by Maria, Andrew, Toby, and Feste.
What element does Feste add to the play? A sense of balance and truth.
Why is Sir Andrew extremely surprised when Sebastian starts beating him the second he sees him? He was expecting Cesario’s weakness.