Twelfth Night: Act 4

Scene 1 (1) Feste mistakes Sebastian for Cesario.
Scene 1 (2) Sir Andrew enters and hits Sebastian (thinking he is Cesario); Sebastian beats Sir Andrew.
Scene 1 (3) Feste exits to tell Olivia what is happening.
Scene 1 (4) Sir Toby hold Sebastian back, Sebastian challenges him, & they draw their swords.
Scene 1 (5) Olivia enters, stops the fight by shouting at Sir Toby, & sends him away.
Scene 1 (6) Olivia asks Sebastian if he will be “ruled by” her, he says he will.
Scene 2 (1) Malvolio is locked in a dark room because Olivia believes he is mad.
Scene 2 (2) Feste dresses up as Sir Topas (priest) & talks to Malvolio while Sir Toby and Maria watch.
Scene 2 (3) Sir Toby & Maria exit
Scene 2 (4) Feste talks to Malvolio as himself, and promises to fetch him light, paper & ink.
Scene 3 (1) Sebastian is confused
Scene 3 (2) Olivia enters with a priest & asks Sebastian to marry her.
Scene 3 (3) Sebastian agrees, & they exit to be married.