Twelfth Night – Act 4 & 5 Quotes

“Nothing that is so, is so” SebastianRepetition he is confused and trying to make up what is happening around him
“thou knows’t not me”
“Are all the people mad?”
“how many fruitless pranks. This ruffian hath botch’d up”
“thou shalt not choose but go: Do not deny.”
“If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!”
“Nay, come, I prithee; would thou wouldst be ruled by me!”
“I say, there is no darkness but ignorance; in which thou art more puzzled than the Egyptians in their fog.” Biblical Reference to the Ten Plagues of Egypt
“I would we were well rid of this knavery” Alliteration of the letter “w”
“My lady is unkind… She loves another.”
“this house is as dark as ignorance, though ignorance were as dark as hell” Malvolio
“there was never a man so notoriously abused” MalvolioRepetition
“They… keep me in darkness, send ministers to me, asses, and do all they can to face me out of my wits.”
“This pearl she gave me, I do feel’t, and see’t” SebastianSymbolShortening of words (what is this technique?)He realises that he isn’t dreaming and this is reality – in shock that a pretty girl is so in love with him.
“There’s something in’t that is deceivable.” Sebastian
“Blame not this haste of mine.” Olivia
“… that my most jealous and too doubtful soul may live at peace.” Olivia
“and having sworn truth, ever will be true.” Sebastian
“and heavens so shinethat they may fairly note this act of mine!” SebastianRhyming couplets
“Here comes the Countess: now heaven walks on earth!”
“Why should I not… kill what I love?”
“Him will I tear out of that cruel eye”
“him I love more than I love my eyes, more than my life”
“Be that thou knows’t thou art”
“Will you help? An ass-head, and a coxcomb, and a knave, a thin-faced knave, and a gull!” Sir Tobylisting, exclamative
“An apple cleft in two is not more twin” Antonio
“Most wonderful!” Olivia
“a madman’s epistles”
“the madly-used Malvolio”
“Cesario, comeFor so you shall be, while you are a man” still calls him Cesario despite knowing Cesario is actually Viola
“Alas, poor fool, how have they baffled thee!”
“and thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges”
“I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you” Malvolio
“He hath been most notoriously abused.” Festesuperlativerepetition
“And we’ll strive to please you every day” Feste’s song Ends the play reminding the audience to not take this play too seriously because it is a comedy. Breaking the 4th wall, you know.