twelfth night: Act 1 Scene 5

what does Maria warn Feste about? the wrath of olivia-stolen from her bc he didnt do his job-he entertains olvia(pays him to keep her distracted)
is Feste really a fool? no! he is witty and smart
what does the fool say about maria? that she likes toby
what does olvia say when she sees feste? what happens next? says take the fool away-he tells her to give him a chance to prove that she is a fool-how? -she is mourning her brother who is in heaven
what does olvia say to malvolio after feste proves her a fool? asks him if the fool fixed it? -malvolio says yes, but doesnt understand why she keeps him- why? says he got outwitted by a dumb guy-olivia responds by telling him he is sick w self love
who is malvolio? butler-runs the house, trying to get feste fired
what does oliva send malvolio to do at the gate? do whatever it takes to get cesario to leave>he won’t leave, desribes cesario as too young to be a man, but too old to be a boy, good looking>Olivia agrees to see him
why does olvia ask feste to look after toby? he is so drunk that something could physically happen to him
how can you tell olivia is interested in cesario? says she brought him here to look at him, not to hear what he has to say
what is olivia’s impresion of cesario? thinks he’s flirting-she flirts back>;lifts veil, asks what he thinks -Cesario responds by saying good if thats all real -also says shame not to have kids to pass on beauty
what does olvia say about bringing peopel with him? says dont boter sending anyone else bc she doesnt love orsino, unless you (cesario) comes back
why is cesario offended when Olivia offers him money? -her master takes care of her-says to recompence duke orsino bc she is so mean to him
what does olivia do after cesario leaves? repeats their conversation word for word
wha does olvia tell malvolio to do after cesario leaves ? give cesario back his ring (not actualy his) (so he will come back) -if he has a prob, tell him to talk to me