twelfth night: Act 1 Scene 2

what happened to the ship? where did they land? it split in half-landed in Illyria (modern day Albania)
what does Elysium mean? heaven
what is viola worried about? that her brother is dead
why does viola pay the cpt? (they tipped alot in their day)-payed him for comfort/hope that her bro isnt dead
what was viola’s 1st idea? wants to work for olivia, would have olivia’s protection and knows how she feels bc she lost her brother too-cant bc oliva wont see anyone
what was viola’s 2nd idea work for duke orsino by disguising herself as a eunuch -she will be protected bc she can entertain him (sing)
asks cpt to help her- why? he knows Illyira how? -born and raised 3 hrs from where they were -just visited a month ago -knows details about orsino: -bachelor, has a thing for olivia