Twelfth Night – Act 1 Quotes

“If music be the food of love, play on;” ORSINOThe play starts off with the language technique of an iambic pentameter
“Give me excess of it” ORSINOImperative
“The appetite may sicken, and so die.” ORSINOHyperbole shows the excessiveness of his indulgence in the music
“It came o’er my ear like the sweet sound, That breathes upon a bank of violets,Stealing and giving odour!” ORSINOPersonificationSynesthesiasimile
“Enough, no more” ORSINOImperative
“O spirit of love!” ORSINOExclamative
“Will you go hunt, my lord?””What, Curio?””The hart.” CURIOORSINOCURIOAntilabe – (Antilabe is a technique in drama or poetry, in which a single verse line is distributed on two or more characters, voices, or entities.) Also Pun of “the hart” – the animal and Orsino’s heart
“O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first,Methought she purged the air of pestilence!” ORSINOHyperbole – alludes to the plague that it was thought to be spread by dirty air. Shakespeare presents the idea of Olivia as someone that has magical healing powers capable of healing people from the plague, cleaning the air – which is actually quite excessive and ridiculous because the plague was actually spread by bacteria carried by rats. Also presents Olivia of being pure.
“That instant was I turn’d into a hart;And my desires, like fell and cruel hounds,E’er since pursue me.” ORSINOMetaphor SimilePunHyperbole
“But, like a cloistress, she will veiled walk” VALENTINE
“rich golden shaft” ORSINO”rich golden shaft” shows the comedy in this tragiCOMEDY play. And also later “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness THRUST upon themselves”
“What country, friends, is this?”
“Perchance he is not drowned”
“O, that I served this lady!” ViolaExclamative!
“yet of thee I will believe thou has a mind that suits with this thy fair and outward character”
“I can sing, and speak to him in many sorts of music”
“What else may hap, to time I will commit”
“I am sure care’s an enemy to life”
“I’ll confine myself no finer than I am” Ploce
“He’s a coward that will not drink to my niece till his brains turn o’th’toe, like a parish top”
“I delight in masques and revels”
“He hath known you but three days, and already you are no stranger” Irony
“I have unclasp’d to thee the book even of my secret soul” Metaphor, hyperbole
“Be clamorous and leap all civil bounds” imperative
“All is semblative a woman’s part” dramatic irony – humourous
“thou shalt live as freely as thy lord, and call his fortunes thine” foreshadowing
“Whoe’ver I woo, myself would be his wife” aside to audience
“Those wits… do very oft prove fools”
“Not yet old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boy”
“I swear, I am not what I play”
“I see you what you are, you are too proud”
“but yet, I cannot love him”
“Make me a willow cabin at your gate”
“How now? Even so quickly may one catch the plague?”
“Fate, show thy force”