Twelfth Night {9}

What is the setting of Twelfth Night? A land called Illyria, at the homes of both Orsino and Olivia.
What are the opening lines of Twelfth Night? If music be the food of love, play on;Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die.
Who is speaking the opening lines? Duke Orsino
What does Orsino hope music will be able to for him? Ease his pain.
Who is Orsino in love with? Countess Olivia
How does Olivia wish to be undisturbed in her grieving for her brother? 7 years
What has happened when the reader first meets Viola? There was a shipwreck.
What does Viola think has happened to her twin brother Sebastian? She thinks Sebastian is dead.
What do Olivia and Viola seem to have in common? They both share grief for their lost brothers.
What does Viola do when she hears Olivia is also grieving? She disguises herself as a man named Cesario and goes to work for Orsino.
Who is Olivia’s uncle? Sir Toby Belch
What is Sir Toby’s main interest in life? Self amusement. (drinking, etc.)
Who is Sir Toby’s best friend? Sir Andrew Aguecheek
What reason does Feste, the fool, give to Olivia to explain that she is a bigger fool than he? He says she is a fool for mourning her dead brother who is in heaven, not hell.
What does Malvolio think of Feste? He doesn’t understand why Olivia keeps him.
When Viola/Cesario delivers her first message from Orsino to Olivia, Olivia feel an attraction. How is this ironic? Olivia is in love with a woman dressed as a man.
How does Olivia explain her seemingly unexplainable affection for Viola/Cesario? She says it’s fate!
How does the first scene that introduces Sebastian add dramatic irony? He thinks Viola is dead.
What concern does Antonio have about accompanying Sebastian to Orsino’s court? He’s a wanted criminal.
What happens when Viola/Cesario sees the ring Malvolio gave to her from Olivia? She realizes that Olivia is in love with her.
Why is Sir Andrew staying with Sir Toby at Olivia’s home? He’s there to woo her.
Who comes up with the master plan to trick Malvolio into thinking Olivia is in love with him? Maria
What is the meaning of Sir Toby’s allusion to Penthesilea when complimenting Maria? He’s saying that Maria is as brave and fierce as the queen of the Amazons.
What are the differing viewpoints that Viola/Cesario and Orsino have regarding love in men and women. – Orsino believes men love stronger, and women’s love is weak.- Viola tries to persuade him to think differently of women, and that they are capable of holding great compassion.
What is Viola/Cesario’s opinion of Feste? She respects his wit and wiseness.
Why is Sir Andrew planning to leave? He has given up on trying to woo Olivia.
What complication does Sir Toby prompt for his own amusement? A duel between the cowardly Sir Andrew and the feminine Cesario.
Where does Antonio tell Sebastian to meet him? At the Elephant Inn
When Malvolio falls for Maria’s trick, how does Olivia respond to his new behavior? She is confused and thinks he has gone mad.
How does Sir Toby amuse himself by preparing for the duel between Andrew and Viola? He goes as a messenger between the two, making both seem fearsome to the other.
What added confusion results from Antonio’s entrance on the duel scene? Since Sebastian and Viola/Cesario are twins that look very similar, he thinks she is Sebastian and is trying to save her.
What happens when Sir Andrew “catches up” with the real Sebastian (who he thinks is Cesario)? Sebastian punches him back.
How does Feste worsen things for Malvolio? He pretends to be a priest and tries to drive Malvolio even crazier, saying it’s completely light when they have trapped the steward in a dark room.
What happens when Olivia mistakes Sebastian for Cesario? She proposes, and he says yes on the spot!
Why doesn’t Orsino believe Antonio’s account of rescuing Viola/Cesario from the shipwreck and being her/his companion ever since? Because Viola has been with HIM that entire time. He still has mistaken Viola for Sebastian.
What proof does Olivia offer to Orsino that she and Viola/Cesario are married? She has the priest brought back in.
What happens in the end? Olivia and Sebastian stay married, Viola and Orsino get married, and once Malvolio is freed, he swears revenge on Maria, Sir Toby, and Feste!
Who is the most tragic character? Malvolio
What are some thematic implications in the story? Love is blind, music beings and ends the play, tragedy and comedy can exist side by side, etc.
What are the 4 humors? blood, yellow bile, black bile, phlegm
What is said to happen when the humors are not in balance? A person’s personality can be off-balance too.
What trait stands out if a person’s blood is unbalanced? More irresponsible.
What trait stands out if a person’s yellow bile is unbalanced? Temperamental
What trait stands out if a person’s black bile is unbalanced? Depressed
What trait stands out if person’s phlegm is unbalanced? Lazy
What are the 3 main types of plays? Miracle: Stories from the lives of saintsMystery: Stories from the BibleMorality: Stories which depict a moral message using characters who represent virtues and vices.
What are the 3 main genres of plays Shakespeare wrote? Comedies, Tragedies, Histories