Twelfth Night

Peevish irratable, testy
Rogue Traitor, betrayer
Probation trial period
Mellifluous smooth sounding
exquisite excellent, beautiful, finely detailed
austere severe in manner
calamity disaster, tragedy
accost to approach for solicitation
abjured give up
lethargy laziness, sluggishness
provident careful
recompence something returned, paid back
surfeit excess
belie disaprove
prattle babble
feign pretend
dexterously With eas
hart adult male deer
Peruse to check out, to examin
Curate Caretaker
Retention Custody
Havoc Chaotic Situation
Covet Desire Strongly
Ebony A very black tree
Pervese Mean, ornery, and troublesome
Consecrate Hold in a high religious regard
Vex Distress or Bother
Solicit Plead for or try to sell
Beguile Decieve, entice and seduce
Wanton Extravagant
Sepulcher Grave
Who is Cecario? He’s really Viola in disguise so she can serve Orsino.
Who is Malvolio? Malvolio is a serious man who works for lady Olivia and is in love with love.
What does Sir Toby Belch have an addiction to? Alchol
Who does Sir Toby Bletch marry? Maria
Who does Sir Andrew marry? His ego and he dies alone like a little pathetic dolphin.
Who is Sebastion’s best friend? Antonio
Who does Olivia mourn? Her dead brother.