Twelfth Night

List the four levels of low comedy. Physical mishapsplot deviceobscenelyverbal wit
List the two levels of high comedy. Inconsistencies of character and comedy of satire(parody)
List the three characteristics of Shakespeare’s tragedies. The tragic flawsupernatural flawdeath
List the five characteristics of Shakespeare’s comedies. Mistaken identitiesComplex plotsUse of punsHappy endingsInsults
The captain says that he saw Sebastian, Viola’s brother, tie himself to the ship’s mast floating in thesea after the shipwreck. What may this news foreshadow? He may still be alive.
How is Sir Andrew indirectly characterized in Act 1? ScholarlyWorldlySuave
Why does Feste say that Olivia is a fool for planning to mourn her dead brother for seven years? She shouldn’t mourn for him if he’s is heaven.
How are Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Feste foils to Malvolio? Foils(opposite) They all like to have fun, fools, comedy
Why does Olivia want to know if Viola/Cesario is of good parentage? She is interested in Cesario
List the ways Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are foils to one another. Sir Toby is plump, smart(brains), and insincereSir Andrew is skinny, dum, and sincere
How is Olivia’s veil like Viola/Cesario’s costume? Both disguise from who they are and both see an outside perspective
How are Orsino and Olivia similar? What do they share? Both high status, and enjoy being miserable
What adjectives best describe Orsino? Moodytemperamentalwish washy
The audience learns in 2.1 that Sebastian is like his sister Viola in what ways? Both think the others deadboth helped by someone to surviveBoth going by different names
Viola/Cesario could have called out Olivia by saying that she didn’t give her a ring, but Viola lies and says that she did. Why? How does this reaction indirectly characterize her? Element of kindness in viola/Cesario
What theme does Viola/Cesario realize when she realizes what she has done to Olivia? Disguises are harmful, outward appearances can be deceptive
What is Malvolio’s tragic flaw? What is the main reason that an audience does not like him? Arrogant(self righteous). Treats others like their less.
Although possibly mean-spirited or cruel, what do Maria, Sir Toby, and others want to teach Malvolio? Humility, humbleness
How is Viola’s love different from Orsino and his “love”? Has to deal with him not her loves being in love. Her love is real
How does Feste mock Orsino? He’s Temperamental and desires come and go
How does Malvolio read the letter he believes is from Olivia, and what does it imply aboutcommunication as a theme? We hear what we want to hear. Communication can be misunderstood
How does Malvolio’s costume change relate to how he normally dresses and who he really is personality-wise? in darker clothes that reflect his serious personality and sour. Both the fool and viola are Cleve and intelligent
In being as equally witty with wordplay as Feste, how does Viola’s dialogue indirectly characterize her? Both the fool and viola are clever and intelligent
What does Feste say about words? Words can’t be trustedWords are subjective(meanings change)Words cannot be blamed when people misuse them
What does Viola realize about Feste’s profession and what one should do with diction? One’s diction must be intelligent and the person must be sensitive to the minds of others
What does Olivia do with her authority as head of household that is admirable and showcases herlove? She makes herself vulnerable. Surrenders to love and is honest about feelings
What is the dramatic irony of Viola/Cesario saying, “I have one heart, one bosom, and one truth, / And that no woman has; nor never none / Shall be mistress of it, save I alone” (3.1.148-149)? Audience knows she’s a woman, who will not love a woman because she’s in love with a man
How does Olivia react to Malvolio’s changes? She’s confused and then wants Malvolio to get the care he needs
How does Olivia feels in Act 3, Scene 1 when she and Viola/Cesario meet? She’s upset that Orsino is still in love. She’s upset that she likes Cesario but he/she doesn’t and feels rejected
What does Antonio truly desire from Sebastian? Wants Sebastan to love him back
Why is Sir Andrew insulted that Olivia gives more attention to Viola/Cesario than to him? Cesario is a servant
Describe how Antonio’s love for Sebastian is evident. Saved himNursed him back to healthGives him his money
What is the situational irony and humor of the swordfight between Sir Andrew and Viola/Cesario? Neither one is more than a man than the other
Name several ways Sebastian is a foil to Viola. Sebastian’s more violent, she wants to run awayHe’s more opportunistic and she’s more experienced with dealing with life
What does Shakespeare imply about love as a theme based on what happens in Act 4? Love can be accidental and quick
What does Toby learn as a theme based on how Malvolio is treated in Act 4? Toby has a change of heart- understands pressure should be moderated
What does Feste state about identity that can be implied as a theme? We are the roles we play while we play them
What does Feste criticize? Anything in opposition to pressureFalse appearancesHypocrisy doesn’t like hypocrtpites
When Malvolio says to Feste “I am as well in my wits, Fool, as thou art,” what has Malvolio learned (4.2.77-78)? Man olio has learned he’s not superior to others
Out of all the characters who finds love, who finds love the easiest and questions that love can be so easy? Sebastian
Name the ways Sebastian uses to determine that Olivia is sane. Pearl Olivia gives SebastanOlivia has authority in her houseHer servants obey her commands
Like Sebastian, what should we in the audience do regarding everything that we’ve seen in the play, especially the events in Act 4? Accept it and go along
Name the reasons Olivia wants to marry Sebastian immediately in private. Olivia’s jealousWants to make sure it’s not a dreamShe won’t find peace until they’re married
What does Feste mean when he says, “Truly, sir, the better for my foes and the worse for my friends” (5.1.10-11)? His enemies provide self knowledge, fiends tend to laugh and go along with you
Despite being upset with him, how does Orsino compliment Antonio? Orsino says that Antonio is . Antonio is brave
What theme do we learn about sending intermediaries or other people to communicate our feelings for us based on what happens to characters to do so in Twelfth Night? People shouldn’t depend on others to express their feelings but do it temselves
What situational irony is evident when Sir Toby says, “I hate a drunken rogue!” (5.1.192-193)? Toby is a drunk and in convinces others, is inconvenienced by a drunk
How is Sir Toby a dynamic character in his relationship towards Sir Andrew? He grows tired of the joke on Sir Andrew and class him a fool. Feels like all the jokes should be a moderation and tells Andrew the truth
What happy ending does Antonio receive by the resolution of the play? They’re fine, feuds over
What does Feste mean when he says, “the whirligig of time brings in his revenges” (5.1.363-364)? What goes around comes around
Why does Shakespeare stretch out the scene when Viola and Sebastian finally reunite by having Sebastian question whether Viola is who she says she is? Dramatic to create tension
Why does Orsino say that he will continue to call Viola Cesario? Because he will do so until she changes into her girl clothing
Which of the following marriages at the resolution of the play is most likely to last because of the conversations about love that they shared and the lessons they learned about love? Viola and Orsino
What is the driving and most important dramatic irony that drives the plot of the play? That Viola is disguised as Cesario, Audience is aware that Cesario is Viola and is in love with Orsino
Considering that this is a comedy, how do songs generally affect the play’s mood? festive
What is the central conflict of Twelfth Night? Desire to love and be loved in return
“If music be the food of love, play on.” Orsino
“What a plague means my niece, to take the death of her brother thus? I am sure care’s an enemy to life.” Sir Toby
“I marvel your ladyship takes delight in such a barren rascal.” Malvolio
“O, you are sick of self-love, Malvolio, and taste with a distemper’d appetite.” Olivia
“Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?” Sir Toby
“If ever thou shalt love, / In the sweet pangs of it remember me; / For such as I am all true lovers are. . .” Orsino
“No, indeed, sir; the Lady Olivia has no folly: she will keep no fool, sir, till she be married.” Feste
“This fellow is wise enough to play the fool; / And to do that craves a kind of wit.” Viola
“Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep; / If it be thus to dream, still let me sleep!” Sebastian
“I say, there is no darkness but ignorance.” Feste
“A spirit I am indeed; / But am in that dimension grossly clad, / Which from the womb I did participate.” Sebastian
“Alas, poor fool, how have they baffled thee!” Olivia
“And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges.” Feste
“I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you.” Malvolio