The Twelfth Night

He is hoping to fall out of love by indulging in too much music.
The comic plot in Twelfth Night turns on a pair of twins who are separated in a shipwreck. Identify the twins. Viola and Sebastian
What is the relationship between Sir Toby Belch and Olivia? He is her uncle; she is his niece.
Why is Olivia in mourning? Her brother has died.
Which of the disguised characters in this play utters the following words against disguise: “Disguise, I see, thou art a wickedness / Wherein the pregnant enemy does much”? Viola, disguised as Cesario
What is Malvolio’s position in Olivia’s household? He is Olivia’s steward.
Act 2, scene 5, contains the “letter trick,” in which Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Fabian, and Maria observe Malvolio reading a letter that he believes to be written by Olivia, whom he secretly loves. Which of these characters is the true author of the letter? Maria
In what behaviors should Malvolio engage in order to please Olivia, according to the false letter? surly speech to her kinsmen, smiling, and the wearing of yellow cross-gartered stockings
Why does Viola suspect that her brother may still be alive? – Antonio calls her by her brother’s name, asking Viola for money he gave her brother for safekeeping. – The Captain tells Viola he saw her brother clinging to a mast after the shipwreck.
What motivation do Sir Toby, Fabian, Feste, and Maria have for locking up Malvolio for madness? Malvolio has questioned Feste’s wit; the others are motivated by Malvolio’s “stubborn and uncourteous” behavior to them.