Shakespeare/ Twelfth Night

Where were shakespeares plays performed Globe theatre
What were the first plays performed Julius Caesar, Hamlet, 12th night??
What was the acting companies name Lord chamberlands men
What was the acting company’s name changes to Kings men
Who did shakespeare marry Anne Hathaway
What age did shakespere die 53
What date did shakespeare die April 23
How many dramas did shakespeare meks 40
What were the different sections in the theatre? The pit, gallaries, and behing the stage
Who stood in the pit “Penny people”/ “groundlings”
Who watched behind the stage Royalty/ nobility
What do noble cahracters speak in in shakespeare plays Iambic pentameter
Where was iambic pentameter derived from Greeks used as a dance because it sounded like a heart beat
What does 12th night open with A pun
Where does the story take place Illyria
What is twelth night in relaity The end of holidays and the last night of celebrations (January 6)
Line ID: M.O.A.I. Doth sway my life Malvolio; this is how he identifies that the letter by “Olivia” is meant for him
Line ID: If music be the food of love play on Duke Orseno; saying that he is inlove and we will later find out that it is olivia that he was inlove with
Line ID: Even so quickly may one catch the plaugue Olivia; saying how quickle she fell in love with Cesario/ Viola
Line ID: Oh you are so sick?? Olivia; speaking to Malvolio and describing how much of a buzz kil he is
Line ID: Come, come; I’ll go burn some sack. Tis too late to go to bed now. Come, knight; come, knight Sir Toby; saying he wants to keep partying and heat up the wine even though it is very early in the morning at this point
Line ID: Our fancies are more giddyand unfirm, more longing, wavering, sooner lost and worn, Than women’s are Duke Orseno; telling Viola/ Cesario that men’s affection is better and women are more constant in their love than men are
who was feste the clown made for Robert Furlan
Line ID: Sooth, but you must. Say that some lady, as perhaps there is, Hath for your love as great a pang of heart As you have for Olivia Violo/ Cesario; She was hinting that she was the one that has the same love for him
Line ID: So big to hold so much; they lack retention. Alas, their love may be called appetite Duke Orseno; saying that Viola/ cesario’s remark about someone loving him like he loves olivia is absurd and him and Viola/ Cesario are arguing and comparing ways men and women love eachother
Line ID: My father had a daughter loved a man as it might be perhaps, were I a woman, I should be your lordship Viola/ Cesario; hinting even more that she is a woman and sets a tone of irony
Line ID: Some are born gret, some acheive greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em. Thy Fates open their hands; let thy blood and spirit embrace them; and inure… Maria/ Toby/ Andrew in the letter to Malvolio; Trying to make it sound like Olivia is inlove with Malvolio so their plan can work
Line ID: I had rather har you solicit that than music from the spheres Olivia; tyring to say if you would court me i would rather listen to your whooing than great music
Line ID: Then you think right. I am not what I am Viola/ Cesario; Hinting once again that she is not what she seems to be and creating more irony
Line ID: I love thee so that, maugre all thy pride, Nor wit nor reason can my passion hide Olivia; She is admitting her love for Cesario
Line ID: Love sought is good, but given unsought is better Olivia; explaining that she knows she can’t be with Cesario but she still is inlove with him
Line ID: for ther is no christian that means to be saved by beleiving rightly can ever beleive such impossible passages of grossness. Hes in yellow stockings Maria; she is explaining to Olivia how Malvolio has gone mad so that their prank can be set in motion
Line ID: Why, this is very midsummer madness Olivia; remarks this after she sees Malvolio in his cross gartered yellow stockings
Line ID: Souls and bodies hath he divorced three; and his incensement at this moment is so implacable that satisfaction can be none but by pangs of death and sepulcher “”Hob, nob is his word; “give’t or take’t” Toby; trying to make Andrew seem scary and tough to Cesario by lying and saying that he has killed 3 people
Line ID: Marry, I’ll ride your horse as well as I ride you Toby: made this aside telling the audience how big of a fool he is; andrew offered his horse up in exchange for not fighting cesario and toby remarked that he is riding andrew because toby set the whole fight play up as a joke to entertain himself
Line ID: My having is not much. I’ll make division of my present with you Cesario/ Viola; thanking Antonio for saving her from having to fight and said that she would give hi half of all the oney she had
Line ID: Thou hast, Sebastian, done good feature shame Antonio: he said this to viola still thinking she is sebastian and because of this remark viola knows her brother is somewhere out there alive
Line ID: Prove true, imagination, O, prove true, That I, dear brother, be now ta’en for you! Viola/ Cesario; she is praying that she is right about her brother being alive
Line ID: Fool, there was never man so notoriously abused.. I am as well in my wits, fool, as thou art Malvolio; telling fests that he is not mad and to let him out of the dark room they put him in
Line ID: Lady, you have. Pray you persue this letter Malvolio; ???
Line ID: Alas, Malvolio, this is not my writing Olivia; teling Malvolio that she is not the one who wrote the letter
Line ID:But that’s all one, our play is don, And we’ll strive to please you everyday Feste; how shakespeare ussually ends plays; sings this in his song