English Final – Twelfth Night or What You Will

In what country does this play take place? Illyria
Which character has the first lines of the play? Orsino – He talks about how music is the food of love
Two characters where discussing whose disappearance later in scene ii? The captain and Viola are discussing the disappearance of Viola’s brother Sebastian. He was lost at sea during the shipwreck.
Who is Orsino? Orsino is the most powerful man and ruler over Illyria. Orsino is desperately in love with Olivia (he’s her suitor).
What plan does a female character in scene ii, enlisting the help of another, decide she must do? Viola decides that she must disguise herself as a man and become eunuch of Duke Orsino’s household.
Name the two characters from the previous question. Viola and the Captain
What is Sir Toby’s purpose for bringing Sir Andrew to Olivia’s house? He wants Andrew to woo Olivia so that they can get married and Toby could take advantage of the couple’s money (b/c Andrew was rich). Toby is Olivia’s uncle.
Who says, “Better a witty fool than a foolish wit”? Feste the Fool.
What does Olivia offer that Cesario refuses? Why does Cesario refuse this? Olivia offers Cesario money for his trouble. Cesario refuses because he is already paid adequately by Orsino.
What does Olivia give Malvolio to deliver to Cesario? A ring. After Cesario had left Olivia’s household (he was there to deliver Orsino’s message), Olivia, because she like Cesario, quickly took out a ring, giving it to Malvolio and telling him to take it to Cesario and to tell him he must come back if he has any questions (a sneaky plot to get Cesario back).
Which character opens the play? Orsino
For how long does Olivia refuse to be seen by men? 7 years. To mourn the death of her father and brother.
Why does Viola want to serve Olivia? Because she empathizes with Olivia because she also lost her brother.
Why has Sir Toby invited Sir Andrew to Olivia’s house? To woo her.
Why doesn’t Maria like Andrew? Because he always gets into verbal fights, and the only reason he’s still living is because he’s a coward. Because he is drunk every night like Toby. He spends money like crazy, etc.
Orsino sends Cesario on a mission to do what? To go to Olivia and woo her for him
Feste suggest Olivia is a fool. Why? Because she shouldn’t be crying about her brother’s death if he’s in heaven.
Why does Olivia allow Cesario entrance into her estate to talk to her? She is intrigued by him because he was described as young and attractive.
What does Olivia offer that Cesario refuses? She offers him money for his trouble.
What does Olivia give Malvolio to deliver to Cesario? A ring.
Who says, “But I perceive in you so excellent a touch of modesty that you will not extort from me what I am willing to keep in”? Sebastian
Why isn’t Antonio eager to go to Illyria? Because he has many enemies in Orsino’s court
Who does, “My stars shine darkly over me.” describe. Sebastian
Who says, “I am the man. If it be so, as ’tis, poor lady, she were better love a dream.” Who is the “she” that is in reference here? Viola. The “she” references Olivia.
What are Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and the Fool doing when Maria and then Malvolio enter scene iii? They are singing.
Who says, “Sneck up!” What does it mean? Sir Toby. Shut up
Who says, “Go shake your ears!” Why? Maria. She said this as an insult to Malvolio after he said he was going to taddle on Toby, Andrew, and the Fool. for their behavior. He was acting as if he were higher than them.
How do Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew feel about Malvolio? They really don’t like him. They think that he’s a goody two-shoes and is too pretentious.
At the end of scene iii, what does Maria have planned for Malvolio? She is going to write a love letter for him in Olivia’s handwriting so that he’ll find it and foolishly believe that Olivia is in love with him (and go on to make a fool of himself).
Who says, “Thou’rt a scholar”? Toby. He said this in agreement w/ Andrew’s saying that life consists of eating and drinking.
Malvolio says, “Is there no respect of place, persons, or time in you?” What is the context for his question? He says this to Toby, Andrew, and the fool b/c they were making too much noise with their singing.
In Act II, scene iv, who is Cesario speaking of when he mentions to Orsino his father’s daughter? Herself (Viola)
Who says, “For women are as roses, whose fair flower, //Being once displayed, doth fall that very hour”? Orsino
“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Where is this line located? Who coins this phrase? Explain the circumstances Maria coins this phrase (posing as Olivia) in the “trick love letter” to Malvolio. She was talking about how even though her status is greater than Malvolio’s, he shouldn’t be afraid of this because everyone receives greatness in different ways.
Who says, “Too well what love women to men may owe. //In faith, they are as true of heart as we”? Cesario (Viola)
Who says, “Shall this fellow live”? Sir Toby
Feste finally finds a person whose wit matches his own. Who is this person? Cesario
Who is Olivia’s corrupter of words? Feste the Fool.
Does Viola give subtle hints that she is a woman throughout the play? Yes.
To what does Toby suggest that Andrew should challenge Cesario? How should he do this? To a fight/duel. He should do this by writing Cesario a message that is taunting and very strongly provokes Cesario to fight.
When Antonio gets to Illyria, is he excited to walk around and see the sights? No. He fears he’ll be arrested if seen in the streets because he did a lot of damage to Orsino’s ships at sea.
What are Toby, Maria, and Fabian trying to convince Malvolio that they think he is? A fiend, a madman.
Why does Antonio step in to fight for Cesario? Because he thinks Cesario is Sebastian, with whom he had become friends.
Why does Olivia apologizes to Sebastian at the beginning of act IV? Because of the rude and manner-less way that Toby was treating him.
Who disguises himself as a priest? Why? Feste the Fool. He was trying to convince Malvolio that he was insane (using an outside witness).
Why does Sir Toby attack Sebastian? He thinks that Sebastian is a coward (b/c Viola/Cesario didn’t fight Andrew). He’s trying to defend sir Andrew
Who says, “Good Fool, help me to some light and some paper. I tell thee, I am as well in my wits as any man in Illyria”? Malvolio. The Fool is still trying to convince Malvolio, who is locked up, that he’s insane. Malvolio ask for a light, paper, and ink so he can write a letter to Olivia proving his sanity.
Does Sebastian go off with Olivia to get married? Yes.
How does Act IV end? Olivia asks Sebastian to marry her and he happily agrees. The two then go off to get married. Olivia thought that Sebastian was Cesario.
Feste has a letter that Fabian wants to see. What is the letter about and who is it from and to? The letter is from Malvolio, to Olivia. In this letter, Malvolio describes to Olivia why he is not insane and should be released.
How many pieces of gold does Feste ask from Orsino? How many does he receive? He asks for 3 but only receives 2.
Who says, “Here comes the man, sir, that did rescue me”? Viola
What details do we learn about Antonio from both the first officer and Orsino in scene i? He’s called a thief and a pirate because he captured and stole the cargo from one of Orsino’s ships during a battle at sea.
When Olivia enters the scene, who does she think that Viola is? Cesario.
How does Olivia treat Orsino? Why? She is rude and impolite because she’s tired of Orsino trying to convince her to marry him.
Who says, “A contract of eternal bond of love, //Confirmed by mutual joinder of your hands,//Attested by the holy close of lips”? The Priest – Sir Topas
Who says, “I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you”? Malvolio
Who are the three couples a the end of the play? Sebastian and Olivia. Orsino and Viola. Toby and Maria.