Castelli twelfth night

Orsino Duke/count: in love with the idea of love
Valentino and curio Minor characters: orsinos servants who tey to help lighten the mood
Viola Cesario: acts as a eunuch to get a job
Sebastian Violas twin brother who is actually not dead
Antonio Rescuses and brings sebastian to illyria
Sir Toby belch Belches from drinking too much beer: supplies humor
Sir Andrew aguecheek Wealthy knight who comes to woo olivia: feeble minded who people take advantage of
Olivia Wealthy countess who is being pursued by orsino but is mouring the death of her brother for 7 years
Maria Minor character, servant of olivia, hangs out with toby and andrew
Malvolio Puritanical in his dress and mannerisms as well as extremely vain
Feste Court jester who tells the truth and is wise which is ironic
Wealthy What people speak in blank verse/ iambic pentameter
Regular people Speak in prose
Expositions First act
Action rises Second act
Conflict Third act
Climactic moment Forth act
Resolution Fifth act
5 How many acts were shakespeares plays divided into?
Soliloquy A monologue in which the character is alone on stage and shows a characters true thoughts
Aside A brief line or two in which the character is speaking to himself but with other people on stage