Act 4 Twelfth Night

What is the problem, between Feste and Sebastian? He thinks he is Cesario
What happens when Sir Andrew catches up with Sebastian whom he thinks is Cesario? He hits Sebastian
Who is Sir Topas? Feste
What happens when Olivia sees Sir Toby and Sebastian about to fight? She defends Sebastian/Cesario
What does Olivia ask Sebastian and how does he respond? To go with her to her house; he said yes
What does Sir Topas pretend to do? Exercise the demon living within Malvolio
How does Feste worsen things for Malvolio ? He actually tries to make him crazy
What does Sir Toby realize and become afraid of? That it is going too far and Olivia will get mad
What does Malvolio ask Feste for? Some light, paper and ink
How would you describe Malvolio’s frame of mind? upset
What does Sebastian think of Olivia and his situation? happy, but very confused as well
What proposition does Olivia offer and how does Sebastian respond? She proposes; he accepts