Twelfth night and The tempest characters

Prospero Former duke of Milan, magician, brother to Antonio.
Miranda Daughter to Prospero, in love with Ferdinand
Ariel Spirit who serves Prospero after he saved he/she from being trapped in a tree by Sycorax’s
Caliban SLave to prospero. Half fish half man. Son of sycorax and has been on the island all of his life.
Ferdinand Son of Alonso and Prince of Naples
Alonso King of Naples. Helped conspire to get Prosper out of his dukedom
Antonio Prospero’s brother. Got him out of Milan so he can be duke. Conspired to kill the king and Gonzalo
Sebastian Alonso’s brother. Conspired to kill the king and Gonzalo with Antonio
Gonzalo Consultant for Alonso, and dear friend to Prospero. Helped them when they were shipped away.
Trinculo Servant to Alonso. Friends with Stephano
Stephano Alonso’s butler. Was going to be Caliban’s new master.
boatswain care taker of the ship.
Viola Was in the shipwreck. twin sister to Sebastian. in love with Orsino. Takes her brothers place and pretends to be a man.
Olivia Pretty, wealthy women, who doesn’t love Orsino, starts to love Cesariola, ends up marrying Cesariola’s brother sebastian.
Orsino Duke of Illyria. Is in love with Olivia, but soon falls for Cesariola, and marries her in the end.
Maria Olivia’s gentlewoman who helps trick Malvolio, and marries Sir Toby.
Sir Toby Olivia’s cousin who is always drunk, and marries Maria
Sir Andrew A very wealthy stupid guy who is visiting to get Olivia to fall in love with him
Malvolio Works in Olivia’s house, thinks that she is in love with him because it was said in a letter, kept in a darkroom for a long period of time!
feste/ fool A very witty person. A manipulator of words. Works for Olivia
Sebastian Twin Brother to Viola, was saved by Antonio in the shipwreck. Falls in love with Olivia
Antonio A guy who saves sebastian from the shipwreck, and has many enemies in Orsino’s court.