The Tempest Vocabulary

subtle delicate, clusive, not obviousAntonym: obvious; gross; bluntTo avoid being obtrusive in the elegant restaurant, he used ____ gestures to call the waiter to his table.
sovereign possessed of controlling powerSynonyms: predominant, paramount, preponderantAntonym: without powerThe King is ____ within his country
slothful lazy, indolentSynonym: bovineAntonym: industriousThat student is so ____ that he has never done any of his homework assignments
requite to make payment or to returnAntonym: to withholdThe girl suffered a broken heart from un_____ love.
reputable having a good reputationAntonym: disreputable; notorious; infamousThe Better Business Bureau said that the company was _____.
quaint unusual in character or appearanceSynonyms: eccentric, peculiar, queer, uniqueAntonym: ordinaryWhen we go to New England, we like to stay in a _____ old inn that gives us the flavor of the area.
promontory land or rock projecting into a body of waterA _____ is an ideal place to build a lighthouse
prescient knowledge of events before they happen, foresightAntonym: unawareHe was led to his success in his experiment by some extraordinary ____.
potent powerful, having a strong effectAntonym: ineffectualThey have me a ____ pain killer to stop the throbbing sensation in my leg.
perfidious calculated to deceive; deceitful; treacherousAntonym: honest; trustworthyYou show a lack of character by spreading ____ stories about your brother
perdition eternal damnation, utter ruinAntonym: salvationThe church warns against pursuing hedonistic and worldly things and risking eternal _____.
penitent showing or feeling regret for wrong-doing; repentantSynonyms: compunctual, contrite, remorsefulAntonym: unrepentantHe became _____ when he realized that his prank resulted in serious injury
paragon a model of excellence or perfectionThe minister was a ____ of virtue in all his affairs
odious deserving hate or contemptAntonym: respectablePornography is an ____ business
mutinous rebellious, unrulyAntonyms: agreeable; compatibleThe crew grew ____ because they thought they might sail right off the edge of the earth.
mettle courage or spiritSynonyms: resolution, tenacityAntonym: lack of courageA crisis like this would test anyone’s ____.
malign to utter injuriously misleading reports aboutSynonyms: traduce, asperce, vilify, calumniateAntonym: to extolSeveral old gossips in the neighborhood has ____ the woman.
loathe to detestSynonyms: abhor, abominateAntonym: to adoreThe fact that I ____ your brother does not mean that we cannot be friends
knotty so complicated that it can probably not be solved; full of knotsSynonyms: abstruse, complex, intricate, reconditeAntonyms: easy to solve; uncomplicatedA contest’s ____ problems leave constants disheartened. The ____ trees added an eerie feeling to the night.
inveterate firmly established, habitual, deep-rootedAntonym: readily changeableBecause he has been an ____ workaholic, he had trouble adjusting his lifestyle when he retired.
insolence insulting or contemptuous behaviorSynonyms: arrogance, haughtiness, high-handedness, impertinenceHis ___ and lack of respect for his mother are shocking.
industrious skillfully busy or occupiedSynonyms: assiduous, diligent, sedulousAntonym: slothful, indolentThe ____ student will use time wisely.
indulgent lenient, especially toward oneselfAntonyms: harsh; strictThe boy did not learn respect from his ____ parents.
impertinent insolently rude, not within the proper bounds of good taste or mannersSynonyms: intrusive, meddlesome, obtrusive, officiousAntonyms: reverent; respectfulHis ____ remarks did not help his case in the eyes of the jury.
ignoble of lowly origin, without honorSynonyms: object, mean, sordidAntonyms: noble, grand; loftyI do not like his ___ ideas.
homage a reverential regard; respect shown by external actionSynonyms: honor, reverence, deference, obeisanceAntonym: disrespectThe people went to pay ___ to their respected leader.
heed to give attention to Antonym: pay no attention toPeople that do not ____ the warnings of the weatherman about the hurricane may die.
harmonious showing accord; melodiousAntonym: discordantWe were soother by the ___ sounds of the sympathy
firebrand a person who stirs up troubleAntonym: peacemakerThere were many ___ in the South who wanted war.
expeditious done with speed and efficiencyAntonym: sluggishYou need to be ____ in solving this matter
zenith the highest point overhead, peakAntonym: lowest pointWith that award-winning film, she reached the ___ of her career.
warranted justifiedAntonym: unjustifiedThe jury felt that the death penalty was ____ because of the heinous nature of the crime
wanton immoral, lewdAntonym: moralHe has to drop out of the presidential race when his ___ behavior was exposed
vouchsafe to grant a condescending mannerAntonym: to refuse to grantI can ____ you a large return on your investment
virtuous having excellent morals; righteousSynonyms: ethical, nobleAntonym: depravedOne would expect nuns to be very ____.
upbraid to scold harshly, to reproachSynonyms: berate, rail at, revile, vituperateAntonym: praise I must ___ my son for staying out past his curfew.
unmitigated not made less severe or intenseSynonym: unrelievedThe witness exhibited the most ____ contempt in the courtroom.
summon to call together, to send for or to request to appearSynonyms: convere, convoke, musterAntonym: to turn awayI am frightened because I have been ___ to the principal’s office.
trifling not significant, frivolousAntonyms: important; significantSome think that watching MTV is a ___ experience.
tempestuous turbulent, stormyAntonym: calmThe mayoral candidates had a ___ debate in which they exchanged many personal accusations.
temperate exercising self-controlAntonym: extremeSeeing the devastating effects of alcohol in his father, he was ____ in his own liquor consumption.
surfeited fed or supplied to excessSynonyms: cloyed, glutted, gorged, palled, sated, satiatedAntonyms: starvedI was ___ after having eaten so much food at the banquet.
supple easily bent, clastic, pliableSynonyms: resilientAntonym: rigidHer ___ bones allowed her to perform strange feats in gymnastics.
supplant to take the place ofSynonyms: displace, supersede Republicans have ___ the Democrats as the dominant political party in several counties.
enmity absolute hatredSynonyms: animosity, animus, antagonism, antipathy, hostility, rancorAntonyms: love; admirationI have a lot of ___ for people who provide illegal drugs to children.
endow to provide with income or property, to supply with a talent or qualityI plan to ____ a million dollars to my former college.
divination foretelling the future by means of magicThe prophet was known for his accuracy in ____.
disdain intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthySynonyms: arrogant, haughty, high-handed, insolent, lordlyAntonyms: favor, admiration; to loveNever having had to do manual labor, he ____ the idea of becoming a cotton picker.
diligent characterized by steady, attentive and energetic effort in a pursuit or studySynonyms: industrious, assiduous, sedulousThe students in the special course were studious and ____.
desolate deserted, without inhabitants, barrenAntonym: populousSome of the western states have large areas that are ___.
credulous believing on slight evidence, gullibleAntonym: suspiciousBecause the lady’s horoscope said that she should stay inside, the woman did not go to work.
contentious quarrelsome, stirring controversySynonyms: bellicose, belligerent, pugnaciousAntonyms: congenial; harmoniousMy ___ child will not listen to any form of reason.
cherubic innocent, wholesome, angelicAntonym: fiendishThe ____ expression on the child’s face concealed his guilt.
celestial pertaining to the sky or heavensAntonym: earthlyStars are ____ bodies.
blasphemous irreverent, profaneAntonyms: sacred, reverentTelling that sacrilegious joke is ____.
bestow to grant or to giveAntonym: depriveThe country ____ honor for Martin Luther King, Jr., by making his birthday a national holiday.
baseness the quality of lacking higher valuesSynonyms: vileness, servility, unworthinessWe were shocked at the ___ of the criminal
austere strict; stern; unadorned, ascetic Synonym: severeAntonym: indulgentPioneers usually led an ___ existence.
auspicious favorableSynonym: propitiousAntonym: ill-omenedMaking an “A” on the first test was an ___ way to begin the year.
advocacy support of an idea or causeAntonym: oppositionThe nominee’s ___ of higher taxes may have cost him the election.
abstemious sparing (usually in cating or drink); temperateAntonym: gluttonousA person who is ____ in his alcohol intake might bot be welcome by that wild fraternity.