The Tempest Vocab. Words (Act I)

Abhorred Definition: (adj.) hated Synonym: disliked antonym: admired Sentence: Hitler may be the most abhorred historical figure of the modern age.
Allay Definition: (v.) to clam Synonym: reduce Antonym: worsenSentence: A good teacher will work hard to allay the concerns of a new student.
Betide Definition: (v.) to happenSynonym: occurAntonym: precedeSentence: If you mock the dictator in public, something bad will betide you.
Chide Definition: (v.) to scoldSynonym: criticize Antonym: applaudSentence: Little Lisa was proud of her new haircut, and she never expected her mother to chide her for her creativity.
Coronet Definition: (n.) a small or relatively simple crown Synonym: headband Antonym: bottom Sentence: He is not worthy to wear a coronet.
Fen Definition: (n.) marsh or bog Synonym: moor Antonym: dry-land?Sentence: We were supposed to visit the fen but we never had enough time to do so.
Fortitude Definition: (n.) bravery Synonym: courageAntonym: weakSentence: The small boy’s fortitude allowed him to stand up to the school bully.
Glut Definition: (n.) an excessively abundant supply of something.Synonym: oversupplyAntonym: insufficiency Sentence: There was a glut of cotton goods due to cheap imports.
Homage Definition: (n.) tribute Synonym: honor Antonym: disrespect Sentence: The crippled child attempted to get out of her wheelchair and show homage to the queen by bowing.
Perfidious Definition: (adj.) treacherous Synonym:not loyalAntonym: faithfulSentence: Michelle sought revenge on her perfidious friend who stole her lottery ticket.
Precursors Definition: (n.) ones who go before Synonym: forerunner Antonym: last Sentence: As I looked up in the sky, I saw a large dark cloud, a precursor of an upcoming storm.
Prerogative Definition: (n.) privilege Synonym: right Antonym: duty Sentence: The princess felt it was her prerogative to always walk in front of everyone else.