The Tempest (Shakespeare) Character Quotes [3. Ariel] – OCR English Literature AS Level

What does Ariel say to show he takes pride in his work for Prospero? “All hail, great master! grave sir, hail! I come/ to answer the best pleasure…”Act 1, Scene 2, Line 189-90
What does Ariel say to show he is 3 of the 4 elements? “…;be’t to fly, / To swim, to dive into the fire, to ride / On the curl’d clouds,…”Act 1, Scene 2, Line 190-92
Ariel is seen like a bird, unlike Caliban, What are some of the names? [Remember Prospero is the only one who sees him.] “my dainty Ariel,” “my bird” “my Ariel, chick”
What does Ariel ask Prospero showing him he deserves freedom? “Remember I have done thee worthy service; / Told thee no lies, made no mistakings, serv’d / Without grudge or grumblings” Act 1, Scene 2, Line 247-9
What does Ariel say that confirms himself being a spirit? “Mine would, sir, were I human”
What does Caliban say about the music that Ariel lulls him with? [by the airs] “that give delight”