The Tempest Quiz Act 3-6

(Act 3) What do Ferdinand and Miranda decide to do in Scene One? Get married
(Act 3) What does Caliban want to do with Stephano and Trinculo while Prospero naps in the afternoon? Why? Kill Prospero, take over the island, and destroy his magical items and take his books. He wants to do this to take back his superiority over Prospero because he took away his property and his freedom.
(Act 3) What tricks do Prospero and Ariel play on Alonso’s group? They made a banquet table magically appear and then disappear when they were about to eat. Then, Airel appears as a harpy and remidns the group of their past sins against Prospero.
(Act 3) What is Alonso’s reaction to Ariel’s reminders? Sebastian’s? Antonio’s? Alonso becauses very sad and remorseful because he is reminded of his son’s death. He believes that death is because of his past sins against Prospero and decides to drown himself to be with his son. Sebastian and Antonio have an aggressive reaction and try fighting off the spirits. They try to mask the truth because they don’t want to get sister exposed. They’re determined to resist, and have no clear expression of guilt, only desire is to fight. But, Gonzalo says all three feel guity.
(Act 4) What is Prospero’s “gift” to Ferdinand Miranda
(Act 4) For what purpose did Prospero produce spirits to play Iris, Ceres, and Juno? Produced them for entertainment to help celebrate the engagement of Miranda and Ferdinand
(Act 4) What tricks do Prospero and Ariel play on Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo? Leads them onto throny bushes then into a dirty pond; Conjures up sirits to chase them as dogs; put up strings of clothing as bait which Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo fall for
(Act 5) Why does Prospero release the king’s group? Ariel informs him that the group is crying out for forgiveness. He says he would feel bad for them if he were human, making Prospero pity them so he orders Ariel and the spirits to release them.
(Act 5) What is Prospero’s reaction when Alonso tries to apologize to Miranda for sending her and her father away? Says there is no need to apologize and to not dwell on the past
(Act 5) What is ironic about Miranda’s “brave new world” lines? It reveals her essentail innocence when she is at wonder at the sight of so many strangers. The “beateous mankind” she sees are usurpers and would-be murderers. She calls them “wonderful” but in reality they’re the ones who kicked her out of her home and are horrible people.
(Act 5) How does Prospero force Sebastian and Antonio into the background? Prospero slightly threatens them by mentioning that he knows what they tried to do. Tells them that he forgives them but won’t forget.
(Act 5) How does Caliban react when back in Prospero’s presence? Caliban says that he feels guilty and says that he regrets trying to kill him and following the false God Stephano. Scared for Prospero’s punishment
(Act 5) What is Prospero’s final command to Ariel? To bring the men back to the ship and give them good winds to sail back home safely.