The Tempest – Magic/Illusion Quotes

The Tempest Title foreshadows chaos and disarray of the play. Not by Mother Nature but Prospero. Unnatural. Seen as just in Prospero’s eyes
“pluck my magic garment from me” Act 1 Scene 2 – Physical part of his being? Can’t perform magic without it? Corruptible. Helps hum construct illusions
“lie there my art” Act 1 Scene 2 – “my” – possessive determiner – indicates ownership and dependency on his magic. Is his art corrupting? Important? Personified – as if his magic is a real physical being
“Thou art inclined to sleep” Act 1 Scene 2 – inclined: almost like an imperative. Enchants her forcefully. Doesn’t want a challenge? Suppressing. Manipulative. Uses magic for his personal gain
“The great globe itself … shall dissolve” Act 4 Scene 1 – Prospero as playwright. Breaks 4th wall. Metaphor for theatre. Shakespeare indirectly speaking to audience? Comparing the play and his magic to life – both will end. Imagery associating with “dissolve”. In reality magic isn’t real – brought to life in the theatre
“Spirits, which by mine art I have from their confines called to enact my present fancies” Act 4 Scene 1 – shows limitations of his magic. No access to the real gods. Suggests a glass ceiling when it comes to the divine?
Symbols Robe, books, wand
Elements Earth, fire, wind, sea – Prospero controls both the natural and the supernatural
Magic Performances Banquet, Masque