the tempest jeopardy

Symbol of innocence Miranda
I am the rainbow bearing messenger sent by mistress juno the queen of the sky- iris
The moral center of the play Gonzalo
The way the audience can free prospero from the stage applause
The person destined for the gallows boatswain
The blue eyed hag sycorax
Longs simply for freedom above all else ariel
Parodies for stephano and Trinculo Sebastian and Antonio
Main thing gonzalo would abolish in utopian world class system
“In one voyage did Claribel her husband find a tunis…..” Gonzalo
Symbol of strategy and careful plotting chess game
Shalespeare’s wife anne hathaway
prospero’s favorite way to guilt trip and control others (remember what i have done for you) words and stories
ruler of naples alonso
something that triggers all of the action in the play inciting incident
the symbol of fate and nature in prospero Ariel
the person responsible for exiling prospero and Miranda Antonio
specific place where Shakespeare was born stratford-on-avon
the source of prospero’s magic that Caliban wishes to destroy magic book
character representing colonialism Caliban
who represents Shakespeare in the plaay prospero
“oh wonder how many godly creatures…” miranda
” sir you many thank yourself for this great loss….” Sebastian
” be not afraind this island is full of noises”- Caliban
The three Shakespeare works which he authored himself a winter’s tale, the tempest, love lost lumber