The Tempest important quotes

“Thou best knowers what torment I did find thee in” Prospero
“Say what: what shall I do” Ariel
“Do so, and after two days I will discharge thee” Prospero
“But for your conscience?” Sebastian
“Pardon, master. I will be correspondent to command and do my spiriting gently” Ariel
“A devil, a born devil, on whose nature nurture can never stick; on whom my pains, humanely taken, all, all lost, quite lost” Prospero
“Bravely, my diligence. Thou shalt be free” Prospero
“Torment” “to lay upon the damned” Prospero using hellish imagery to convey the horror of Ariel’s imprisonment in the tree at the hands of Sycorax
“Master” “master-slave relationship” Shakespeare has Ariel use this term of address suggesting the inbalanced nature of the relationship
“If thou more murmurest, I will rend an oak and peg thee in his knotty entrails” Shakespare has Prospero threaten Ariel with a final demand shown in this conditional clause
“What cares these roarer for the name of king?” Shakespare has the Boatswain reply to Gonzalo’s demands for him to respect the powerful court party on board
“Use your authority” The Boatswain mocking Gonzalo to do this to silence the storm
“The government I cast upon my brother” “my library was dukedom enough” Prospero reveals this in his story to Miranda
“Is no better than the earth he lies upon” Sebeastian & Antonio explain Alonso is no better than this
“Possess his books; for without them he’s but a sot” Caliban reminding Stephano of what to do before the planned murder of Prospero
“Overthrown” “most faint” Prospero’s charms have been 1st quote, and the power he is left with is the other quote
“Cramps and aches” Caliban is terrorised by this that Prospero inflicts
“Howl away twelve winters” Ariel is threatened with being put back in the tree to do this
“This island’s mine by Sycorax my mother” Caliban portraying his authority over the island through inheritance since his mother, an evil witch Sycorax, used to rule it
“Isle with Calibans” Caliban wanted to create a population of Calibans on the island, done by attempting to rape Miranda
“This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine” Caliban seems to be Prospero’s dark double because the authority that Caliban wants back is related to the authority that Prospero wants back
What cares these roarers for the name of king?” Boatswain to Gonzalo during the storm
“You are a councillor; if you can command these elements to silence.. use your authority” Bostswain to Gonzalo during the storm
“I have suffered with those that I saw suffer” Miranda to Prospero on the sight of the shipwreck
“A thing most brutish” Miranda to Caliban
“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in it! Miranda to herself on seeing Alonso’s group
“(On Antonio I) put the manage of my state” Prospero to Miranda about his rule in Milan
“The government I cast upon my brother, and to my state grew stranger, being transported and rapt in secret studies” Prospero to Miranda about his rule in Milan
“I thus neglecting worldly ends” Prosper to Miranda about his rule in Milan
“A sinner of his memory” Prospero to Miranda on Antonio making this
“Thou most lying slave” Prospero to Caliban
“It goes on, I see, as my soul prompts it” Prospero to himself, on seeing Miranda’s interest in Ferdinand
“Thou art infected” Prospero to himself about Miranda on seeing her interest in Ferdinand
“They now are in my power” Prospero to himself about Alonso, Sebastian & Antonio
“As my gift, and thine own acquisition worthily purchased, take my daughter” Prospero to Ferdinand
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep” Prospero to Ferdinand
“Born devil, on whose nature nurture can never stick” Prospero to himself on Caliban
“The rarer (nobler) action is in virtue than in vengeance” Prospero to Ariel
“My purpose doth extend not a frown further” Prospero to Ariel
“This rough magic, I here abjure… I’ll break my staff… I’ll drown my book” Prospero to himself
“I do forgive thee, unnatural though thou art” Prospero to Antonio
“This thing of darkness I acknowledge mine” Prospero to Alfonso’ group about Caliban
“Now my charms are all overthrown, and what strength I have is mine own, which is most faint Prospero to the audience, an epilogue
“My liberty” Ariel demand this to Prospero
“Something rich and strange” Ariel singing to Ferdinand
“You three from Milan did supplant good Prosper” Ariel to Alonso, Antonio & Sebastian, as the harpy-monster
“You three men of sin” Ariel to Alonso, Antonio & Sebastian
“If you now beheld them, your affections would become tender” Ariel to Prospero, about Alonso and the others
“Which thou takest from me” Caliban to Prospero on him taking his island
“I am all the subjects you have, which first was mine own king” Caliban to Prospero
“Would it had been done. Thou didst prevent me, I had peopled else this isle with Calibans” Caliban to Prospero on the subject of his attempted rape of Miranda
“You taught me language, and my profit on it is I know how to curse Caliban to Prospero
“That’s a brave God, and bears celestial liquor. I will kneel to him” Caliban to himself, about Stephano
“Be my god” Calibanto Stephano
“Freedom high-day’ freedom” Caliban to himself, at the end of the meeting with Stephano & Trinculo
“I am subject to a tyrant” Caliban to Stephano
“By sorcery he got this isle” Caliban to Stephano, about Prospero
“Brave brood” Caliban to Stephano, about Miranda
“Do that good mischief” Caliban to Stephano, asking him to murder Prospero
“I would with such perfection govern, sir, to excel the golden age” Gonzalo to Antonio after describing his utopian vision
“My strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head” Gonzalo to Sebastian, after the others have fallen asleep
“Here lies your brother, no better than the earth he lies upon” Gonzalo to Sebastian
“No doubt marketable” Gonzalo to Sebastian on Caliban
“Make a man” Trinculo to himself on discovering Caliban, Caliban could make a man’s fortune
“Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows” Trinculo to himself, getting under Caliban’s cloak
“So perfect and so peerless” Ferdinand to Miranda
“The very instant that I saw you did my heart fly to your service” Ferdinand to Miranda
“The red plague rid you for learning me your language” Caliban wishing the plague on Miranda for failing to teach him language
“I must obey. His art is of such power, it would control my dam’s God setebos and make a vassal of him” Caliban presented as weak, backing down against the magic of Prospero in his soliloquy
“Berries”, “light”, “beetles” Semantic field of nature to present the sweetness of the relationship that Caliban & Prospero used to have
“One last job” Prospero promise Ariel his freedom as long as he does this