The Tempest (Full)

Who is Prospero’s daughter? Miranda
Who is Prospero’s brother? Antonio
Who is Prospero’s spirit? Ariel
Who is Prospero’s servant? Caliban
Who is King Alonso’s son? Ferdinand
Who is King Alonso’s brother? Sebastian
Who is King Alonso’s advisor? Gonzalo
Who is King Alonso’s court Jester? Trinculo
Who is King Alonso’s butler? Stefano
“Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.” Caliban
“You are three men of sin…the never surfeited sea hath caused to belch up you – and on this island when man doth not inhabit, you ‘amongst men being most unfit to live…you fools.” Ariel
“He is drowned whom thus we stray to find, and the sea mocks our frustrate search on land. Well, let him go.” Alonso
“In my kingdom, I’d do everything different from the way it’s usually done. Men would have nothing to do and women also…there’d be no kingship.” Gonzalo
What best describes the island? Garden of Eden
When Caliban is mad with Prospero, he says all of the following about Prospero except: He does not fear clothe me
Which two characters amuse themselves with their own sarcastic, his comments? Sebastian and Antonio
Where well Ferdinand and Maranda go to have a proper wedding? Naples
Which of the following is not one of prosperity spirits? Ceres, the goddess of love
What disappears before Sebastian, Alonso and Antonio and frightens them? The banquete
What does prosperity stage to celebrate the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand? A masque
Which of the following best describes prosperity? manipulative, forgiving
Which is the following is not a motive or theme of the Tempest? Birth and Rebirth
Who speaks these lines, “Unless I be relieved by prayer, which pierces so that it assaults mercy it self and frees all faults, as you from crimes would pardon me, let your indulgence set me free?” Prospero
Which is the following is not true in The Tempest? Stephano and Trinculo were repentant for secretly plotting to overthrow Alonso.
Miranda was 15 years old when she met Ferdinand for the first time. True
It was part of Prospero’s plan that the people on board the ship would be scattered in certain groups on the island, so Ferdinand was separated from the rest. True
Antonio, Sebastian, and Alonzo all asked Prospero for his forgiveness. False
To Alonso’s surprise, Prospero pulls back the curtain to reveal Miranda and Ferdinand dancing a masque before their wedding. True
Prospero orders Ariel to perform a final task to calm the seas in give favorable winds for sail. True
Known to be a playwright genius and writer of sonnets, Shakespeare’s influence is practically universal. True
In 1594, Shakespeare’s troupe, The Chamberlain’s Men, Built the Globe theater. True
The men and women in the Elizabethan time danced and sang and wore elaborate clothing on stage. False
The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s later plays, was produced in 1651. He also wrote Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Much Ado About Nothing, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. False
Shakespeare was a very learned man with a university education worldwide experiences. False
Act I 1) The ship is caught in a tempest2) Prospero tells Miranda the story of how they came to the island3) Ariel reminds Prospero of his to free him, and Prospero grows angry4) Miranda and Ferdinand meet for the first time
Act II 1) Antonio and Sebastian mock Gonzalo2) Antonio convinces Sebastian to overthrow Alonso3) Ariel wakes Gonzalo to warn him of the danger Antonio and Sebastian intend4) Caliban leads Stephano and Trinculo
Act III 1) Ferdinand and Miranda declare their love for each other.2) Ariel, invisible provokes a fight between Stephano and Trinculo3) Alonso, Gonzalo, and their men see a supernatural banquet before them.4) Ariel disguises himself as a Harpy and accuses Antonio of usurping Prospero’s dukedom
Act IV 1) Prospero gives his blessing to Miranda and Ferdinand to marry.2) A supernatural wedding masque is performed3) Prospero remembers that Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are coming to kill him.4) Stephano and Trinculo steal the clothes Prospero has asked Ariel to leave for them
Act V 1) Prospero decides that he will forgive his brother2) Miranda and Ferdinand are observed playing chess3) Alonso learns that his son is alive and engaged to Miranda4) Prospero speaks the epilogue to the audience
“No sweet aspersion shall the heavens fall To make this contract grow…take heed.” Purity before marriage
“The king and prince at prayers. Let’s assist them; for our is as theirs.” God is our refuge
“Thy dukedom I resign and do entreat thou pardon me my wrongs.” Mercy and forgiveness
“And I will be wise here after and seek for grace.” Good VS evil