The Tempest Critics – Caliban and Ariel

Trevor Griffiths (Human nature) Preternatural being
Trevor Griffiths (Societal) The ruler and the ruled, the white and the black
David Suchet in 1978 production Inspired sympathy
David Suchet Sympathetic emblem of imperialistic exploitation
Walter Beacham Ariel’s only request is for freedom
Mark Rylance’s portrayl Left before Prospero said he could
Lamming An occasion to be exploited for Prospero’s own development
Brinda Charry Prospero refuses to recognize Caliban’s language as legitimate and hence denies his humanity
Brinda Charry (Ariel) A slave who’s consciousness of self has been blunted by the promise of freedom
Brinda Charry (Prospero) Prospero’s care for Miranda serves to justify his treatment of Caliban
Rex Gibson (Brute) Caliban is brutish and evil by nature
Rex Gibson Caliban is a lonely oppressed and dispossessed slave