The Tempest- Betrayal quotes

“Let’s all sink wi’th’king” -António… “Let’s take leave of him” – Sebastian 1.1
“Both, both, my girl… By foul play, as thou sayst, were we heaved thence, But blessedly holp hither”- Prospero 1.2
“All hail, great master! Grave sir, hail! …” I come to answer thy best pleasure”- Ariel 1.2
“My strong imagination… sees a crown Dropping upon thy head”- Antonio 2.1
“And look how well my garments sit upon me… much feater than before. My brothers servants were my fellows; now they are my men.” -António 2.1
“But for your conscience?” “Ay, Sir, where lies that?” -Sebastian then António, 2.1
“Now, good angels… preserve the King!”- Gonzalo 2.1
“I say, by sorcery he got this isle; from me he got it… If thy greatness will Revenge on him for I know thou dar’st But this thing is dare not.”- Caliban 3.2
“[aside to Sebastian] I am right glad that he’s so out of hope… Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose that you resolved t’ effect”- António 3.3
“The rarer action is in virtue… than in vengeance. They being penitent, The sole drift of my purpose doth extend Not a frown further”-Prospero 5.1
“I pray thee mark me… that a brother should be so perfidious”-Prospero 1.2
“In my false brother… awaked an evil nature”-Prospero 1.2
“Draw thy sword! One stroke shall free thee… from the tribute which thou payest and I the king shall love thee”- Sebastian 2.1