The Tempest: Acts 4 and 5

How did Ferdinand win back Miranda? He proved his love for her through service to Prospero
How does Prosepero try to catch Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo? He sends Ariel running after them.
What does Prospero make Ferdinand promise before accepting the deal with him to get back Miranda? if he loses her virginitybefore all the sacred ceremonies of marriage, the heavens will rain down misery on him, and they will be assured an unhappy life.
Ariel asked Prospero if he loves him; does he? Yes, he says that he loves him dearly
What is one way they celebrate the bethoral? With a masque
Why does Propero stop the masque? He remembers that Caliban, Stefano, and Trinculo are out for him
What is Ariel instructed to leave for the trio hanging on a tree? Clothes
Does Caliban want to go get the clothing? No
True or false: Ariel is promised freedom man times but always denied True
What is Ariel describing in the quote “”His tears run down his beard like winters drops”? It’s a description of Gonzalo crying