The Tempest Acts 1 and 2

Why does Gonzalo believe they will survive the boat sinking? Boatswain is destined to be hanged not drowned
How does Miranda show she is a kind person? She says she suffered with the men on the sinking ship
Why did Prospero cause the storm? To protect Miranda
What shows that Miranda has a good memory? She remembers having many maids at the age of 3
What is Prospero’s back story? His brother Antonio stole his dukedom from him while he was focused on studying magic
How old is Miranda now? 15
How did Antonio get rid of Prospero? Sent him away on a ship in the middle of the night with Miranda
Why didn’t Antonio just kill Prospero? The people of Milan loved Prospero too much
Who was kind enough to give Prospero and Miranda supplies when they were left on the island? Gonzalo
Where is the island they are on? Bremuda
What does Ariel want from Prospero? Freedom
Why is Ariel enslaved to Prospero? Prospero saved Ariel from a great torment
Who is Sycorax’s son? Caliban
How does the reader know Caliban is truly evil? Even Miranda doesn’t like him
Why is Caliban useful to Prospero? Caliban knows the island well to gather materials
Why does Caliban hate Prospero? Prospero stole the island from Caliban
Why does Prospero hate Caliban? Caliban tried to rape Miranda
Who’s dead father does Ariel sing about? Ferdinand
What happens when Miranda sees Ferdinand? She falls in love with him
Where are the men from the ship coming from? From Africa for Claribel’s wedding to the king of Tunis
Who is Alanso the father of? Claribel and Ferdinand
Why does Antonio want Sebastian to kill Alonso Sebastian would become king because calribel is too far and Ferdinand is “dead”
Whos does Caliban pledge his allegiance to? Trinculo and Stephano
Why does Caliban change his allegiance Trinculo gave him alcohol and he thinks it is magical