the tempest act iv

what agreement does Prospero make with Ferdinand and Miranda ? he lets them get married
which is the most likely meaning of opportune ? the high temperatures and bright sunshine is opportune to go to the beach. favorable
which of the following is the best def for incite ? encourage strongly
which best describes how ariel feels given his words and actions up to act 4 of the tempest ? loyalty to prospero
which best describe trinculo and stephanos personality throughout act 4 interested in pleasure
which best supports the answer to (interested in pleasure ) they care more about wine and clothing than conspiracy.
dismantle to take to pieces or apart
aboveboard open and honest
motif A recurring patterns of symbols imagery or words and phrases in literature
incite arouse to action; stir up;
industrious Hardworking; not lazy
opportune suitable or convenient for a particular purpose; occurring at an appropriate time
Soliloquy A long speech expressing the thoughts of a character alone on stage
Monologue A long speech made by one performer or by one person in a group.
Aside A brief remark made by a character and intended to be heard by the audience and it allows private thought or feeling
why does prospero arrange a pageant prospero arranges a pageant because he wanted to bless them
who are the actors in Ariels show ceres juno iris
why does prospero stop the show prospero realizes the plot against him
what does prospero command the spirits to do to stephano trinculo and caliban commands the spirits in the shape of hounds