The Tempest, Act III

What do Ferdinand and Miranda agree to do at the end of Act III, Scene i, of The Tempest? They agree to marry as soon as possible.
Why does Prospero spy on Ferdinand and Miranda’s conversation in Act III of The Tempest? to find out whether Ferdinand truly loves Miranda
In Act III of The Tempest, what temptations cause Stephano to accept Caliban’s suggestion that Stephano murder Prospero? Choose two options. rule of the islandmarriage with Miranda
What does Caliban identify as the source of Prospero’s power in Act III of The Tempest? Prospero’s library of books
In Act III of The Tempest, how does Alonso react when Ariel accusation accuses him of wrongdoing against Prospero? He admits his guilt and expresses remorse.
If Keisha is invulnerable, which of the following must be true? Keisha cannot be harmed.
Which of the following would you most likely find in a thesaurus entry of synonyms for valiant? Base your answer on the meaning of valiant as it is used in Act III of The Tempest. brave, courageous
Which of the following situations from Shakespearean plays is the best example of vigilance? Marcellus and Bernardo keep watch from the battlements of Elsinore at night.
Part AWhich of the following best describes Ferdinand’s attitude as he hauls wood on Prospero’s orders in Act III of The Tempest?Part BWhich of the following lines of dialogue from the play best supports the answer to Part A? He makes the best of the situation.Ferdinand. . . . This my mean task / Would be as heavy to me as odious, but / The mistress which I serve . . . / . . . makes my labors pleasures….
Part AWhich of the following best describes Miranda’s character in Act III of The Tempest?Part BWhich of the following quotes from the play best supports the answer to Part A? She is so much in love that she forgets Prospero’s demands.Miranda. . . . But I prattle / Something too wildly, and my father’s precepts / I therein do forget.
In The Tempest, Act III, Scene ii, Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo discuss their plans. Ariel, hiding nearby, repeatedly interrupts Caliban, saying, “Thou liest.” Caliban and Stephano believe it is Trinculo speaking. Which is the most reasonable conclusion to draw about Ariel’s motive for breaking into the conversation? Ariel resents hearing Prospero mocked and insulted.
Caliban. Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,Sounds and sweet airs that give delight and hurt not.Sometimes a thousand twangling instrumentsWill hum about mine ears; and sometime voicesThat, if I then had waked after long sleep,Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,The clouds methought would open and show richesReady to drop upon me, that, when I waked,I cried to dream again.How do Caliban’s language and style in this speech most likely affect the impression he has made on the audience up to this point? The audience realizes that Caliban is a complex character who can be lyrical and sensitive as well as earthy and brutish.
Two subplots of The Tempest—the Sebastian-Antonio plot and the Caliban-Stephano-Trinculo plot—involve characters making secret plans. Which best describes the central idea Shakespeare addresses in both of these subplots? resentment against one’s superiors or masters
The main plot of The Tempest involves Prospero’s determination to exact revenge from Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian. How do Prospero’s actions in the Ferdinand-Miranda subplot relate to the main plot? Prospero fosters Alonso’s belief that Ferdinand is dead by keeping Ferdinand hidden.
Part AWhich best describes the subplot of The Tempest that involves Prospero and Ariel?Part BWhich of the following lines from the play best supports the answer to Part A? Prospero confides his story and his plans to Ariel. Ariel helps Prospero carry out his plans.Ariel. . . . But remember / (For that’s my business to you) that you three / From Milan did supplant good Prospero / . . . for which foul deed / The pow’rs delaying, not forgetting, have / Incensed the seas and shores, yea, all the creatures, / Against your peace. . . .
The suffix -ous makes a base word or root into an adjective meaning “characterized by” or “full of.” Given this information and your knowledge of the Latin root -val-, which is the most likely definition of the word valorous? full of courage
Which group of words best captures the meaning of the Latin root -val-? strong, worthy, courageous