The Tempest Act 4 Questions

What does Prospero allow Ferdinand and Miranda to do? Prospero gives Ferdinand and Miranda his blessing for marriage, but warns Ferdinand to not break his daughter’s “virgin-knot” until the marriage is official or else they will be very unhappy
What are the names of the three spirits that perform in the wedding masque? Iris, Juno, and Ceres
What are the instructions that Prospero gives to Ariel? He asks Ariel to summon the three spirits so that they can perform a masque show to celebrate Ferdinand and Miranda’s engagement.
What startles Prospero during the show? He realized that he forgot about Caliban’s plot to murder him.
How do Ariel and Prospero drive away Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban? They set up a lure (fancy clothes on a clothesline) to distract them so that they can then send a pack of (spirit) hounds on them.