The Tempest: Act 3, Scene TWO — p3

servant monster Who does Stephano refer to Caliban as? (MQ)
To kill Prospero What does Caliban propose to Stephano? (AE)
Ariel Who starts to torment Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo with the phrase “Thou liest?” (AE)
Ariel went and told Prospero What did Ariel do when he over heard Caliban’s propose to Stephano? (AE)
Caliban Who plots against Prospero? (MQ)
Caliban Who does Trinculo promise to hang? (MQ)
To lick his shoe When Stephano promises to Caliban to be lieutenant on his island what is Calibans fair trade? (RR)
They hear a song Why do Trinculo and Stephani beg for forgiveness from heaven? (RR)
To kill him What is the “awful deed” they hope to commit on Prospero when he falls alseep? (RR)
While he is invisible he whispers and makes everyone mad at Trinculo. What does Arial do? (BN)
They beat him up. What does Stephano and Caliban do when they think Trinculo is whispering about them? (BN)
Miranda Who will be Stephanos queen in the plan? (BN)
He swam How did Stephano get to the island? (TB)
Stephano Who is Caliban’s new master? (TB)
Trinculo Who does Stephano think is saying “thou liest”? (TB)
Getting intoxicated with wine What are Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban doing at the beginning of the scene? (RH)
Tricking Stephano to go against Trinculo What is Ariel doing while the trio are drinking? (RH)
Burn all of his magical books that give him power What does Caliban think is the only way to beat Prospero? (RH)
Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. Who are the three opening characters of Act 3, scene 2?(SH)
B/c Stephano thinks that Trinculo is mocking Caliban when it’s actually Ariel Why does Stephano threaten to “supplant” Trinculo’s teeth? (JS)
Caliban plans to help Stephano kill Prospero so Stephano can be the “King” of the island What important plan do Caliban and Stephano discuss in this scene? (JS)
to get insight for Prospero Why is Ariel secretly listening in on Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban’s conversation? (JS)
To Prospero Where is Caliban leading Trinculo and Stephano?(SH)
He keeps saying, “thou liest” How does Ariel sabotage the trio’s conversation?(SH)
Ariel When Stephano thinks that Trinculo is talking, who is really talking? (JC)
Kill him What do Stephano and Caliban plan to do to Prospero? (JC)
He goes to tell Prospero What does Ariel do when he hears Stephano and Caliban planning to kill Prospero? (JC)
Rip out Prosperos organs What was the punishment that Caliban not want Stephano to do? (KW)
Kill Prospero What does Caliban believe Stephano should do? (KW)
He has good dreams so he wants to keep dreaming Why does Caliban cry most times he wakes up? (KW)
Kiss Stephano’s shoe What does Stephano tell Caliban to do in the beginning of the scene? (KS)
Trinculo Who do Stephano and Caliban think said “Thou liest”? (KS)
Ariel Who actually said “Thou liest”? (KS)
Kill him What does Caliban want Stephano to do to Prospero? (JF)
Sweet, delightful sounds What does Caliban say the island is full of? (JF)
Thou liest What does Ariel say that makes Caliban and Stephano think Trinculo was the one that said it? (JF)
Stephano and Trinculo become viceroys, Stephano marries Miranda What is Stephano’s plan for after Prospero is killed? (AS)
To kill Prospero What are Stephano and Caliban plotting? (AS)
Making Stephano and Caliban think Trinculo is against them What’s Ariel doing? (AS)
To kill Prospero What does Caliban propose to Stephano? (DLW)
Tell stephano about the island What is Caliban trying to do? (AJ)
He (Caliban) thinks Stephano is more more powerful and wants to be free Why does Caliban think Stephano should kill Prospero?(AG)
servant monster What does Stphano call Caliban?(AG)
Nothing What is Trinculo doing? (AJ)
Confusing the group What is Ariel doing? (AJ)
Take Prospero’s books, staff, and his daughter How would Stephano take down Prosepero? (DLW)
Miranda Who does Stephano want to make his queen?(AG)
She says things to make Caliban and Stephano think that Trinculo thinks they’re wrong What does Ariel do? (DLW)
The pretty Miranda What on this island does Caliban want the most? (T.K.)
Caliban can not see Ariel. Why does Caliban get mad at Trinculo when Ariel say tho liest? (MH)
Caliban is drunk. What does Stephano mean by his monster is drowned in sack? (MH)
A rotting, smelly, fish. What is the creature at first? (To Trinculo) (JMo)
Prospero Who is Caliban speaking of when he says “I say by sorcery he got this isle”
A four-legged creature with two voices. What is the creature to Stephano? (JMo)
Alcohol What does Stephano give Caliban? (SR)
A monster What does Stephano think that Caliban and Trinculo are? (SR)
He wants to take it and sell it. What Stephano think to do with the “monster”? (SR)
Stephano’s strong, celestial, liquor. What is Stephano’s right to rule over Caliban? (JMo)