The Tempest-Act 2

Alonso’s losses “My son is lost and (in my rate) she too”
Claribel’s marriage “That would not bless ou Europe with your daughter But rather loose her to an African”-Sebastian
Claribel’s views towards her imoending marriage “weighed between loathness and obedience” -Sebastian
Alonso is blamed “The fault’s your own”-Sebastian
Gonzalo’s utopian speech “Ith commonwealth I would by contraries”-Gonzalo
How Gonzalo would govern “No sovereignty”…”I wouldnwith such perfection govern sir”-Gonzalo
Antonio tempting Sebastian “My strong imagination sees a crown/Dropping upon thy head”-Antonio
Antonio’s confidence “Look how well my garments sit upon me”-Antonio
Disrespect towards Alonso “Here lies your brother no better than the earth he lies upon”-Antonio
Stage direction-pathetic fallacy “Noise of thunder”
Trinculo’s first impression of Calian “a man or a fish? Dead or alive?”
Stephano’s confusion “Have we devils here? Do you put tricks upon’s with savages and men of Ind?”-Stephano
Using alcohol as power “This is some monster of the isle…” “He shall taste of my bottle”-Stephano
Caliban’s worship of Stephano “That’s a brave god and bears celestial liquor. I will kneel to him”-Caliban
Reference to Stephano as a God “Hast thou not dropped from heaven?”-Caliban
Caliban’s promise to Stephano “I’ll show thee every fertile inch o’th island”-Caliban
Cursing Prospero “A plague upon the tyrant that I serve”-Caliban
Caliban’s song “Freedom, high-day; high day freedom…”