The tempest Act 1-5

At the beginning of the Act, what is Ferdinand doing? Why? He has been made to take calibans place as servant, he does the work because it benfit his love for Miranda
2) What has Prospero told Miranda to do/not to do? Why? Does she obey? she bet not ferdinard , she did listen
3) What does this reveal about Prospero? calling himself an instrument of fate
4) How does Caliban feel about Stephano? about Trinculo? stephano can he his servant marry Miranda. Trinculo can be a servant
5) How does Ariel use Caliban’s feelings for Trinculo against them? ariel resolves to ten prospero of the plot against him
6) Caliban is willing to be Stephano’s servant. What is ironic about this? to marry Miranda
7) What is the plot the men contrive against Prospero? Why? caliban promise stephano that it prospero is killed allow stephano to be ruler of the island
8) What does Caliban equate Prospero’s books with? kill proper and take his daughter then stephano will become
9) What do the men think they see as they rest from looking for Ferdinand?
10) When Ariel enters “like a harpy” (a winged spirit known for stealing food), he says “You are men of sin…” Why does he do this? he always stealing
11) When the men draw their swords, they are powerless. What does this suggest about Prospero’s power? stop his punishment
12) What does Prospero do for Ferdinand and Miranda? stop his punishment
13) What does he warn Ferdinand about? don’t have sex until they are married
Iris: goddess of the rainbow, spring, bountiful harvest. Represents the gods blessings on the betrothal
Juno: goddess of marriage and childbirth; will provide a happy union for the couple and a blessing many children
Ceres: goddess of agriculture; brings nature’s blessings on the marriage Together, all the gods promise a happy marriage full of harmony, abundance
14) As Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo approached Prospero’s cell what did they smell? horse piss
15) What does Stephano and Trinculo do once they get to Prospero’s cell? want to steal the clothing
16) Why is Caliban trying to stop them?
17) What does Prospero mean when he says “now does my project gather to a head”? prospero means that his plan is in order
18) According to Ariel, how does Gonzalo feel now? feel now crying
19) What does the line “The rarer action is/In virtue than in vengeance”? better than rare the revenged or he don’t want to be in revenge
20) Why does Prospero finally reveal himself to the royal party? he finally reveals himself to the royal party because the truth with in himself is eating away at his conscious
21) How do the men feel? the men are surprised at the outcome and to know that each other is still alive
22) What does this reveal about Prospero’s character? he is really now a bad person
23) What is Alonzo’s reaction? he is pleased and even says that he cant wait for prosperos auto biology
The scene begins with the royal party gathered on the island. Gonzalo is trying to console the king, Alonso, who thinks his son has died. Note the attitudes of Sebastian and Antonio. How would you characterize them here? (pgs. 630—631) they wasn’t listening to gonzalo
2)What have you learned about the island? they different point of views about it
Who is Claribel, and what has happened to her? (pg. 631) the kings daughter
4)What does Antonio admit to Sebastian?
5)What does he mean when he says, “you may thank yourself for this great loss…”?
6)What does Gonzalo mean when he tells Sebastian, “The truth you speak doth lack some gentleness.” (122) the he extends the truth
7)What does Gonzalo say he would do if the island were his? (130—140)(What is a commonwealth?) there will be no commen trade in money, no poilicans, no schools, no rich or poor, slavery
8)According to Sebastian, if something happens to the king, who is the next heir of Naples? claribel
What does Antonio mean when e says, to sebastain, “what a sleep where this/for your advancement (246) what is e insinuating
10)What does Antonio admit to Sebastian? (250—255)
11)What is it that Antonio persuades Sebastian that they need to do?
12)Ariel awakens Gonzalo who then awakens the king when he sees Sebastian and Antonio with their swords drawn. What is the excuse Antonio and Sebastian give for having their swords?
What is Caliban complaining about?
14)For whom does Caliban mistake Trinculo?
15)Trinculo fears another storm is approaching; where does he seek shelter?
16)What does Stephano want to do when he says,” If I can recover him and keep him tame and get to Naples with him, he’s a present for any emperor that ever trod on neat’s leather?
17)Who does Caliban think Stephano is?
18)What does Caliban say that he’ll do for Stephano?
prithee please(a request)
fie an expression
fen wetland
tunis northen Africa
What purpose does the title “The Tempest” serve? Created by a pro
2)Define “boatswain. a ship officer in charge of equipment and the crew
3)What does the Boatswain’s remarks reveal about him? He would do to keep the boat and the people on it safe
4)Why is he frustrated with Gonzalo, Antonio, and Sebastian? Boatswain order the royal party to go below deck
This scene has several scenes inside the scenes/purposes: 1) Prospero’s explanation to Miranda. What are the others? 2) 3) 4)
6)What doe Miranda mean when she says, “If by your art,…you have/Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them”? she means if he is the cause of the storm then he need to be the one who ends it
7)How did Propero and Miranda come to the island His brother Antonio and the king of naples over threw him but Gonzalez felt bad for Prospero
8)Why weren’t they killed? Gonzalo help them by giving them food and clothing
9)Who helped them? Gonzalo
10)What is the reason for the storm (according to Prospero)? He created the storm because of the people who were on the ship are his enemies
11)When Ariel makes his report, what does he say has happened to the men aboard the ship? All ere safely on shore but are scatter around the island
12)What has happened to the King’s son? Ariel left him by himself in an odd angle on the island
13)When Ariel complains about having to do more work (“Is there more toil? Line 241), what is Prospero’s response? thou liest, malignant thing! Hast thou forgot….The foul with sycroas who with age and envy…(prospero reminded where he rescued ariel from)
14)Who is Sycorax? Powerful with and is the mon of Caliban
15)Who is Caliban? A savage and deformed slave
16)Why does Prospero say he keeps Caliban around?
17)Explain Caliban’s feelings for Prospero…for Miranda… Why does he feel the way he does?
18)Why does Prospero treat Caliban the way he does?
19)Miranda has not ever seen other human beings… What does she call Ferdinand when she first sees him A thing divine for nothing natural
20)Describe the first encounter between Ferdinand and Miranda. They fall in love instantly
21)What is Prospero’s reaction? He is pleased but he doesn’t want them to fall in love
22)What does Ferdinand think has happened to his father His father was shit wreck from the storm
23)What is Prospero’s plan to keep Ferdinand’s and Miranda’s feelings from advancing too quickly? He plans on imprisoning him
What does Prospero accuse Ferdinand of being? He accusing him of not being price of naples
Alonso, did not like prospero, King of Naples
Gonzalo, citizen of Naples(Honest councilor who helped prospero and Miranda when they were cast out of the city
Sebastian brother of Alonso, king of Naples
antonio Brother of Prospero who overtook his dukedom
Miranda daughter of prospero, left milan at the age of three
Ariel an airy spirit who obeys Prospero’s orders,Transforms himself into various roles and manipulates the other characters
Calibana savage and “slave” to prospero a savage and “slave” to prospero,He is full of contradictions, grotesque but eloquent—savage but pitiful; because he was on the island first, he resents Prospero’s “control” over him.