The Tempest

How many plays did Shakespeare write? 38
during which part of Shakespeare’s life did he write the Tempest? end (was his final farewell to the theatre)
What reign did Shakespeare live during? Queen Elizabeth
what were the years of Shakespeare’s life? 1564-1616
Who was Shakespeare’s wife? Anne hathaway
Who were Shakespeare’s 3 children? Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
When were his twins Hamnet and judith born? 6 months after the wedding
What are the four categories Shakespeare wrote? romance (fewest), comedies, Tragedies (most), and Histories (most)
What are romances? combines happy ending of a comedy with elements of tragic violence
What are histories? real-life English kings and threats to their power
What do tragedies include? politics, rise and fall of a king, and death
What two types of medieval plays influenced renaissance theater? mystery and morality
What are mysteries? christian histories
What are moralities? christian morals
What is Everyman? a man who realizes there is no worldly way to guard against or comfort him in death (focuses on good and afterlife)
Who built the first theater in London/ James Burbage
What are the three famous theaters? swan, globe, and Rose
What did Shakespeare write his plays in? blank verse
What is a pattern of stresses called? meter
What are the units that make up meter? feet
What is a trochee made up of? stressed and unstressed syllables
What is it called when an extra unstressed syllable at the end of a line? feminine ending
What is a pause in a line called? caesura
What does it mean to scan the rhythm, meter, or line of poetry? analyze it
Who are the characters on the boat only? captain, Boatswain (first mate), and sailors
Who is apart of the royal family? Alonso, Sebastian, and Ferdinand
Who is Alonso? king of naples
Who is alonso’s brother? son? Sebastian, Ferdinand
Who are part of the entourage on the boat and island? Adrian and Francisco, Gonzalo, and Antonio
Who is Antonio? Duke of Milan; antagonist
Why is Gonzalo a good guy? he gave Prospero and Miranda food and books when they were exiled to the island
Who are the commoners? what do they do? Stpehano: butler and Trinculo: jester
Who are the nobles on the island already? prospero and miranda
Who is Prospero? rightful Duke of Milan (brother Antonio took his power) and protagonist
Who is Prospero’s daughter? how old is she? miranda; 15 years
Who are Prospero’s servants? Caliban and Ariel
Who is Caliban? Prospero’s “human” servant; son of Queen of Sycorax
Who is Ariel? Prospero’s spirit servant
What is going on when Act I scene I opens? a storm that the sailors and captain are trying to defeat, but the nobles on the ship are just getting in the way. So the sailors tell the nobles to go back to their cabins. Boatswain and Antonio begin arguing
Act 1 Scene 1: Who does Antonio blame for the storm? the drunken sailors
Act 1 Scene 1: What does Gonzalo say that makes him sound appreciative and not power hungry? he would rather have a small bit of land than the whole of the sea
Act 1 Scene 1: What kind of conflict is being set up? power struggle between Prospero (should be in power) and Antonio (is in power)
Act 1 Scene 2: What does Prospero have? magical powers
Act 1 Scene 2: What happens when Prospero tells Miranda that there has been a shipwreck on the island? she becomes worried and piteous, but Prospero says not to worry because no one was hurt
Act 1 Scene 2: Because of miranda’s reaction the play could be considered a tragedy, but because of what Prospero’s says the play could be considered a comedy, but… it is a romance because of the combining of both elements
Act 1 Scene 2: Why did Prospero cause the Shipwreck? for Miranda because they have been shipwrecked on the island for 12 years after Antonio took full control of Prospero’s power and the King of Naples exiled to them to the island
Act 1 Scene 2: Why did Prospero give Antonio temporary control of power? why did this hurt him? because he wanted to have time to study magic and because he was so involeved in his studies that he didn’t realize that Antonio was taking full control
Act 1 Scene 2: What did Antonio ask of the King of Naples? why did the king agree? Antonio would be subordinate to the king if he got rid of Prospero because the king already hate prospero
Act 1 Scene 2: How did the king of naples get rid of prospero? kidnapped him and Miranda in their sleep and made Gonzalo take them to an island
Act 2 Scene 1: how does Gonzalo feel about the island? optimistic: is glad to be alive and wants others to be cheerful
Act 2 Scene 1: How do Alonso and Sebastian characterize Gonzalo? little miss sunshine who is too cheerful
Act 2 Scene 1: What does the phrase “spendthrift of the tongue” mean when it is used to describe Gonzalo? someone who talks too much
Act 2 Scene 1: What is Antonio and Sebastian’s bet about? whether Gonzalo of Adrian will break the silence first and Antonio wins because adrian speaks first
Act 2 Scene 1: What does Alonso wish he had not done? why? married off his daughter to the king of Tunis because it led to the death of his son Ferdinand (not really dead) and alienation from hsi daughter
Act 2 Scene 1: how does Trinculo describe Ferdinand still being alive? bravely riding the waves like a horse
Act 2 Scene 1: Why does Sebastian blame Alonso for the shipwreck? because he chose an African suitor over a European on for his daughter
Act 2 Scene 1: What does the expression, ” You rub the sore when you should bring the plaster”? how does it relate to the play? to rub something in or to make it worse; Sebastian is not taking into consideration Alonso’s feelings
Act 2 Scene 1: What does Ariel’s music do to most of the characters? puts them to sleep
Act 2 Scene 1: What does Antonio want Sebastian to do? why? kill Alonso and take his power because Antonio owes Alonso a lot of money so now he wont have to pay it back
Act 2 Scene 1: How does Sebastian become the next in line? because Claribel is already Queen of Tunis and they think Ferdinand is dead
Act 2 Scene 1: How do they plan to kill Alonso? what does this remind us of? stab him while he is asleep and Gonzalo who would be a witness. It reminds us of how Prospero was eliminated
Act 2 Scene 1: What happens right before they are about to kill Alonso? Ariel wakes everyone up and the murder does not take place
Act 2 Scene 2: What is Caliban doing at the start of the play? how can he do this? insulting Prospero because earlier Miranda taught him language
Act 2 Scene 2: What is the difference in Prospero and Calibans characters? civilized vs. uncivilized
Act 2 Scene 2: How is Caliban uncivilized? prays to sun god (pagan)
Act 2 Scene 2: How is Prospero civilized? Prospero uses magic (education)
Act 2 Scene 2: Why does Caliban lay down? to hide from what he thinks are Prospero’s spirits, but it is really just Trinculo
Act 2 Scene 2: What is a major theme of the play shown now? What makes someone civilized?
Act 2 Scene 2: WHat does Trinculo do when he sees Caliban? what is this an example of? hides under Caliban’s cloak showing low comedy
What is low comedy? when humor comes through physical action for the lower class instead of words or phrased humor for nobleman
What change in language does Shakespeare make? poetry for nobleman and prose for lower classes
Act 2 Scene 2: Why does Caliban use poetry even though he is a lower class figure? because miranda taught him language and he is not fully human he is part supernatural and they speak poetry
Act 2 Scene 2: What does Stephano do for Caliban? why? gives him a drink to calm him down
Act 2 Scene 2: What does Caliban think Stephano and Trinculo are? Why does he think this? gods because the wine they give him to drink is like a nectar from the gods
When Ferdinand and Miranda met what did they think of each other? they thought the other was a spirit
Act 2 Scene 2: Why is it okay when Ferdinand and Miranda think each other is spirit, but not Caliban thinking steph and trinc are? what does this show? because M and F is all about love and Caliban is all about Alcohol. Civilized vs. uncivilized
Act 2 Scene 2: When Trinculo compares himself to a duck rising the waves what does this say in contrast to Ferdinand riding them on the back of a horse? Ferdinand was riding an animal which is lower than humans which shows he is civilized and Trinculo is the animal so he is uncivilized
Act 2 Scene 2: What does Caliban think since he has now met Trinculo and Stephano? he doesnt have to work for Prospero anymore, but he will always have a master so he will always be low instead of wanting freedom
Act 3 Scene 1: Why is Ferdinand working for Prospero? because he loves Miranda and he wants to get Prospero’s blessing
Act 3 Scene 1: How does Miranda disobey Prospero? when she tells Ferdinand her name and then when she allows him to take a rest because now she is changing loyalties
Act 3 Scene 1: What do Ferdinand and Miranda think of each other? Ferdinand has never met a woman like Miranda and she has never met anyone like Ferdinand which is not uncommon because she only has met her dad and caliban
Act 3 Scene 2: What names do Stephano and Trinculo give to Caliban? what do these names suggest? servant monster, brave monster, and man monster. that he is 1/2 man and 1/2 monster
Act 3 Scene 2: What does Caliban ask of Stephano and Trinculo? how should they go about making this request happen? hat does this remind you of? kill prospero by putting a nail in his head while sleeping reminds us of Anthonio and Alonso kidnapping Prospero at night and the plotting to kill Alonso
Act 3 Scene 2: Why do Caliban and Stephano become annoyed with Trinculo? think he is interrupting but it is actually Ariel
Act 3 Scene 2: According to Caliban what qualities does Miranda have? what does this suggest about Caliban? her beauty and ability to produce multiple children and that he is overly concerned with appearance and reproduction (wants lots of little calibans)
Act 3 Scene 3: What are the shapes? Ariel’s spirits and ministers of Fate
Act 3 Scene 3: What is Prospero doing with the Shapes? he is standing in the rafters and acting like a puppetmaster while controlling the shapes
Act 3 Scene 3: Why is Gonzalo the only one who is not feeling guilty about supplanting prospero? what does Alonso do? How do Sebastian and Antonio? has a clear conscience and is innocent. Alonso feels guilty and Sebastian and Antonio say that they will fight and shows that they are not sorry
What is a masque? artistic spectacles which use elaborate scenic and lighting effects to portray scenes which commemorate special events or occasions
What kinds of things are a part of the masque? elaborate costumes, acting, and dancing
Act 4 Scene 1: What is the main plot and the subplots? Main: Antonio vs. Prospero; subplots: Antonio and sebastian vs. Alonso, Ferdinand and Miranda’s love, and caliban, trinculo, and stephano vs. prospero
Act 4 Scene 1: Why is the masque being performed? in honor of Ferdinand and Miranda’s engagement (gift from Prospero- shows he is giving his blessing)
Act 4 Scene 1: Who are the actors in the masque? ariel and the other spirits
What is the topic of the masque in act 4? marriage
why is the topic for the masque in act 4 appropriate? because Ferdinand and Miranda are engaged and James I daughter’s engagement is where the tempest would premiere
Act 4 Scene 1: What 3 goddesses are included in the masque? Juno, Iris, and Ceres
Act 4 Scene 1: What does Juno do in the masque? goddess of marriage so she will bless the engagement and make it official
Act 4 Scene 1: What does Iris do in the masque? messenger goddess and of the rainbow
Act 4 Scene 1: what does Ceres do in the masque? goddess of agriculture and fertility so she brings idea of kids
Act 4 Scene 1: Why is it good that Ceres is there? because all of the kids will be heirs for Political reasons
Act 4 Scene 1: Why is this marriage partly political? to establish a good relationship with milan and naples
Act 4 Scene 1: Why are Venus and cupid not invited to the masque? because they are about passionate love and Ferdinand and Miranda are not married so a child before marriage would be illegitimate
Act 4 Scene 1: Why does the language change at the start of the masque? language gets more complex as class rises, because they are singing, and separates masque from rest of the play
Act 4 Scene 1: Who speaks in prose? poetry? rhymed poetry? lower classes, nobles, goddesses
Act 4 scene 1: What do Prospero and Ariel need to prepare for? what is there to assume? to meet with Caliban because Prospero knows about the plot against him
Act 4 scene 1: What happened to Stephano, Caliban, and Trinculo? why? they are drunk and dirty because they walked through the swamp following Ariel’s music
Act 4 scene 1: What does Prospero tell Ariel to do before Caliban and the others come? why? to put out nice clothes to attract the men because they need dry clothes and because fancy clothing shows need for power and aspiring for status
Act 4 Scene 1: What is the punishment for Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano’s plot? why is it appropriate? Ariel and the other spirits hunt them like dogs because they acted like dogs
Act 5 scene 1: How emotionally does Prospero feel about Antonio? what does this show about him? he is angered by what he did, but he is going to control his anger because all he wants is for them to be sorry. That he is civilized because he can control his emotions
Act 5 scene 1: Prospero has a speech and it is divided into three parts, what are they? invocation of the spirits, reminiscing about past magical, and he then renounces his power
Act 5 scene 1: What does Prospero do about the traitors? he says he forgives them and then they all break out crying (exactly what prospero wanted)
Act 5 scene 1: What does Alonso do after Prospero forgives them? he apologizes and resigns claim over milan
Act 5 scene 1: When Prospero forgives Antonio does it seem sincere? why? no because it is forced and he shows that he is still angry but is civilized enough to not show it
Act 5 scene 1: What info does Prospero withhold from Alonso? that Ferdinand’s alive
Act 5 scene 1: Why does Prospero lie about Ferdinand and Miranda? because he wants him to suffer a little, but also does want the marriage to happen so that the alliance will happen (trick Alonso into giving blessing)
Act 5 scene 1: What is providence? how is it related to this act? idea that everything is planned and will work out and it is how Gonzalo characterizes the resolution