The Tempest

This islands mine, by Sycorax my mother, Which thou tak’st from me Caliban
‘thy vile race… deservedly confined into this rock’ Prospero
but would give a piece of silver Trinculo
makes this place paradise Ferdinand
‘O King Stephano… look what a wardrobe here is for thee!’ Trinculo
‘oh brave new world’ Miranda
And in these fits I leave thee, whilst I visit young Ferdinand’ Prospero (Epic Theatre)
‘the great globe itself shall dissolve’ Prospero- creation is fleeting
‘with the help of your good hands”let your indulgence set me free’ Prospero=Shakespeare
‘noise of thunder and lightning’
‘bless this twain, that they may prosperous be!’ Wedding masque
Banquet masque ‘you are three men of sin”Now I will believe that there are unicorns’
‘the isle is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs’
enter Ariel, invisible to others, playing and singing’fly…swim…dive..ride’
Contrast Gonzalo and Sebatian GONZALO dedication v ‘lets take leave of him’ ‘joy; for our escape’ v ‘I have no hope he is undrowned’
dramatic irony – Ferdinand lets make further search for my poor son- Alonso’When did you lose your daughter?-AIn this last tempest’ – P (must suffer to redeem)
Antonio and Seb plotting ‘we heard a hollow burst of bellowing’
‘thou shalt have cramps, side stitches… thou shall be pinched’ Prospero
‘Exactly performed; but there’s more work’ Prospero (to Ariel)
‘false brother… evil nature… falsehood… trust… sinner”rotten carcass of a butt’ Prospero (anger)
‘flout em and scout em and scout em and flout em’Oh King Stephano, thy grace shall have it!’ comedy! Stephano and Trinculo
‘look, he’s winding up the watch of wit’ Sebastian (about Gonzalo)
‘thou liest’ Ariel-power
‘thou did seek to violate the honour of my child’ Prospero (to Caliban)
‘my strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head’ Antonio (dropping=sin)
‘Thats a brave god and bears celestial liquour, I will kneel to him’ Caliban
‘we’ll visit Caliban, my slave”Slave! Caliban!’thou poisonous slave, got by the devil’ Prospero
‘I must obey, his art is of such power”burden of wood”here you sty me’ Caliban
‘I’ll kiss thy foot. I’ll swear myself thy subject’ Caliban
‘bearing a log’- Ferdinand- LIKE CALIBAN
‘you may deny me, but I’ll be your servant’ Miranda (to Ferdinand)
‘my liberty… remember i have done thee worthy service”All hail, great master”Pardon, master’ ARIEL!
‘Doust thou forget from what a torment I did find thee?’ Prospero
‘you taught me language… i know how to curse’ Caliban
‘he does make our fire, fetch our wood’ Caliban
‘Servant-monster, drink to me!’ Stephano (ironic as he is slave to bottle)
‘being capable of only ill!’ Miranda (about Caliban)
‘a plague upon the tyrant I serve’ Caliban
‘bogs, fens, flats, apes, adders, cloven tongues’ Caliban
‘here, kiss the book’ Bottle! alcohol, sin
‘nature should bring forth… all abundance to feed my people”here is everything advantageous to life’ Gonzalo (Garden of Eden)
‘When thou cam’st first, thou strok’st me… then i loved thee”I showed thee all the qualities of the island’ Caliban
‘a devil, a born devil, on whose nature nurture can never stick’ Prosper
Caliban as the noble savage?
‘good wombs have born bad sons’
Masculinity All main characters- male ‘she will become thy bed’ (Caliban to Stephano) ‘as my gift, and thine own acquisition worthily purchased’ (Prospero to Ferdinand about Miranda)
Femininity Miranda- naivety ‘a thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so noble”nothing ill can dwell in such a temple”oh brave new world’
‘Miranda sleeps’ Prospero power
‘i did say so, when I first raised the Tempest’ Prospero (but Ariel did????)
‘thou liest, malignant thing! … I will rend an oak and peg thee in’ Prospero ( to Ariel)
‘you bawling, blasphemous, uncharitable dog’ Seb to boatswain (class divide)
‘Caliban kneels’v ‘Lead Monster’ Caliban enslaved x2
‘union of your bed with weeds so loathly that you shall hate it ‘ Prospero warning F and M
‘we split, we split, we split’ unity of fear
‘let us not burden our remembrance with a heaviness that’s gone’ Prospero
‘retire me to my Millaine’ P
Ferdinand over Miranda ‘do love, prize, honour you”so perfect, and so peerless’
‘oh, a cherubin’ Prospero about Miranda
‘I will kiss thy foot’ Caliban
‘but are they, Ariel, safe?”promise you calm seas”our ship… is tight… and bravely rigged’ Prospero
‘a tempestual noise of thunder and lightning is heard’
‘the rare action is in virtue than in vengeance’ Prospero
‘My Ariel, be free and fare thou well”Do you love me master? .. Dearly, my delicate Ariel’ Prospero
Prospero and Gonzalo ‘i bid a hearty welcome”charity… gentleness… loved… prize’
‘playing at chess’ M and F, courtly love
‘go, sirrah, to my cell’ Prospero- mild punishment
END OF PLAY- still: ‘beast Caliban’ ‘thing of darkness’ -Prospero
‘we are such stuff as dreams are made of, and our little life is rounded with a sleep’ Prospero- magic! inevitable end
Education- gives Prospero power ‘remember first to possess his books’