The Tempest

What year was The Tempest written? 1609
Romance An imaginative story in prose/poetry, where the plot is the most important element
What is the setting of The Tempest? The age of exploration/colonization; 17th century
Elizabeth Era Each person occupied a specific “rung” on the social ladder (everyone had a responsibility)
Blank Verse Unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter (5 beats per line/every other syllable is stressed)
Prose Ordinary for of written language (fiction/non-fiction)
Setting of Act I There is a shipwreck off the coast of an island. King Alonso and his attendants are onboard.
Miranda Prospero’s daughter, compassionate/caring
Ariel A spirit, Prospero’s loyal servant/assistant
Caliban Son of Syrocrax, servant to Prospero
Ferdinand Son of Alonso, Prince of Naples
Alonso King of Naples
Antonio Duke of Milan, Prospero’s brother
Sebastian Alonso’s brother
Gonzalo Councillor to Alonso, friend to Prospero
How many years have Prospero and Miranda been on the island? 12 years
How old is Miranda? 15 years old
What did Miranda have when she was younger? Many different caretakers
Who was Prospero’s father? Duke of milan, “prince of power”
What did Ariel and Prospero create in Act 1 scene 1? The shipwreck/storm
What does Gonzalo do to help Prospero when he leaves? Gives him food, clothing, and his spell books
What did Ariel do during the shipwreck? Ariel acted as the wind, thunder and lightening during the shipwreck
Where was Ariel before he was with Prospero Ariel worked for Syrocrax before he met Prospero. She locked him inside of a tree, but died before she could get him out. Prospero saved Ariel
What kind of person is Caliban similar to? A Native American
What happens when Miranda and Ferdinand meet for the first time? The fall in love
What does Caliban try to do to Miranda? Caliban tried to rape Miranda
Stephano Drunken butler, servant to Alonso
Trinculo Court Jester, servant to Alonso
Comic Relief Used to ease tension/lighten the mood
What does Miranda suggest to Ferdinand? Miranda suggest that the two of them should get married
Who plan’s to kill Alonso and Gonzalo? Antonio and Sebastian
What does Alonso contemplate? Alonso contemplate’s suicide
Masque A dramatic performance (entertainment)
Ceres God of the earth
Iris The rainbow, messenger of Gods and Goddesses
What happens in the last scene? All of the characters reunite, and meet each other
What happens to Ariel at the end of the book? Prospero tells him he’ll set him free after one more task
How does Prospero feel in the epilogue? He is sad, doesn’t want to be on the island