The tempest

E.M.W Tillyard Ariel If Prospero ‘had seriously intended vengeance, why should he have stopped Sebastian and Antonio murdering Alonso?”
Annabel Patterson Ariel “not only is Caliban a slave to Prospero, but so also is Ariel, whose servitude is no sense penal;”
Who did Shakespeare collaborate with to compose the music in Tempest, especially Ariel’s songs? Robert Johnson
Who were the first two west Indian actors to portray Ariel and Caliban. What production was this and who directed it? Norman Beaton and Rudolph Walker. 1970 Mermaid Theatre directed by Jonathan Miller.
What tree was Ariel trapped in and who trapped him? a ‘cloven pine’ was trapped by Sycorax for being a ‘spirit too delicate/to act her earthy and abhorred commands’
What was the name of Shakespeare’s acting company? The King’s men
Quote of Ariel reminding courtiers of usurping Prospero you three/From Milan did supplant good Prospero
Who played Caliban as fishy and monstrous? Quote to accompany this. Henry Baynton. “Is a plain fish, and no doubt marketable”
quote from how is Sebastian able to account for Prospero’s knowledge of plot The devil speaks in him
quote that links Sebastian and Antonio. who is it said by. As thou got’st Milan, I’ll come by Naples. Said by Sebastian
colloquial quote from Trinculo. What does it add to the scene swum ashore, man, like a duck. Simile adds comedy
Who directed the performance of the tempest where Russel Brand play Trinculo. What was different about Prospero in this version? Julie Taymor. Prospero was a female named Prospera played by Helen Mirren.
What quote/speech was used in the 2012 Olympic games by Caliban. ‘Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises’
How did S.T Coleridge describe Caliban? ‘earthy’
Quote on relationship of taught language and Caliban You taught me language, and my profit on ‘t/Is I know how to curse.
quote Caliban and island This islands mine, by Sycorax my mother
Quote on how Gonzalo is described by Prospero A noble Neapolitan, Gonzalo
contradiction from Quote from Gonzalo’s utopian speech talks of ‘no sovereignty’ but earlier puts himself as king of the commonwealth, an ideology where everyone is equal.
Which two essays inspire Gonzalo’s utopia speech Sir Thomas More’s ‘Utopia’ and Montaigne’s ‘Of Cannibals’
David Norbrook on Gonzalo’s speech His [Gonzalo] utopian vision was no more than the fantasy of a court jester.
Who played Ariel in the 2016 version, what was unusual about this. Pippa Nixon, a female who was very tactile on stage emphasising that Ariel is the manipulating force of the play.
indicative quote from Ariel were I human
quote emphasising Ariel’s innocence and delicate nature a spirit too delicate to act her earthy and abhorred commands
quote displaying Ariel’s child like exuberance What shall I do? Say what. What shall I do?