Why is the boatswain so rude to his passengers? The ship is in a storm and everyone is doing what they can, but the royals keep on disturbing them and are causing problems. The boatswain just wants them to stay put and let them work.
How did Prospero and Miranda come to live on the island? Antonio (Prospero’s brother) and king of Naples, Alonso overthrew and cast out Prospero and his daughter. Gonzalo felt sorry and packed their boat with provisions. Their boat eventually cast ashore.
Who is Caliban? Son of witch Sycorax. Prospero taught Caliban and treated him kidly until he tried to rape Miranda. Since then he’s grown resentful of rough treatment and Prospero’s taking over of the Island.
Who is Ferdinand? What happens when he meets Miranda? Ferdinand is the son of the King of Naples Alonso. When he meets Miranda they fall in love.
Why did Prospero become rude to Ferdinand? He won’t allow Ferdinand to just have Miranda, so he takes it upon himself to make sure that Ferdinand is worthy of his daughter and her love.
What do Antonio and Sebastian so while the others sleep? Antonio suggested that Sebastian should kill Alonso while he was asleep. Sebastian said, “As though gotst Milan,/ I’ll come by Naples. Draw thy sword”
Why didn’t Sebastian kill Alonso? Ariel awoke Gonzalo and Alonso
Why does Caliban take up with Stephano and Trinculo? He meets them in the woods and mistakes the drunken Stephano for a god. Caliban thinks Stephano will be able to defeat Prospero, and beind disenchanted with Prospero, he decides to side with Stephano.
What do Ferdinand and Miranda decide to do in scnene one? He wants to kill Prospero while he sleeps so Miranda and Ferdinand will be King and Queen with Caliban and Stephano as Lords.
What tricks to Prospero and Ariel play on Aloso’s group? Shows them a feast and makes it dissapeares. Reminds them of their sins, injustices towards Prospero.
What is Alonso’s reaction to Ariel’s reminders? Sebastians? Antonio’s? Alonso: Feels bad, Thinks Ferdinand died because of karma. Sebastian and Antonio: Ready to fight
What is Prospero’s “gift” to Ferdinand? Miranda
Why did Prospero get spirits to play Iris, Ceres, and Juno? Entertainment for the celebration of Miranda and Ferdinand getting engaged.
What tricks do Prospero and Ariel play on Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano? Ariel leads them through thorns, leaves, dirty pond. Prospero has Ariel lay out clothes as bait than has spirits as dogs chase them away
Why does Prospero release the King’s group? When giving report of the party Ariel says “that if you now behead them, your affects/ Would become tender” Prospero later decides “The rarer action is/ In virtue than in vengence
What is Prospero’s reaction when Alonso tries to apologize to Miranda for sending her and her father away? He wants the past to be over and start fresh. “Let us not burden our remembrances with / A heaviness that’s gone”
What is ironic about Miranda’s “brave new world” lines? The people she sees, whome she thinks represent a great humankind she has not known, are actually conspirators and would-be murderers.
How does Prospero force Sebastian and Antonio into the background? He lets them know of their plot to kill Alonso and Gonzalo
How does Caliban react when back in Prospero’s presence? He comes groveling back to Prospero when he realizes that Stephano has no power
What is Propero’s final command for Ariel? He commands good seas and fair winds back home.