Hag-Seed and The Tempest Quotes + thesis

Feminism: Hag-seed, Quotes? “He was never ready when a slice of filth came out of her child-like mouth” and “Challenge the audience by showing them well-known characters in surprising and possibly disagreeable guises?”
Feminism: The Tempest, Quotes? “My foot my tutor? and “Thou art inclined to sleep. ‘Tis a good dullness”
Power and Submission: The Tempest, Quotes? “Ariel, thy charge Exactly is performed; but there’s more work.” and “I am your wife… If not, I’ll die your maid”
Power and Submission: Hag-seed, Quotes? “When she was eight, he taught her to play chess” and “He’d noted with distaste the pattern of alternating hares and tortoises on Tony’s red tie”
Power and Submission Thesis While gender inequality is a rising challenge for progress, the binary notions of power and submission seem to sustain the rigors of time
Introduction by applying a range of literary devices, contextual referencing and a use of form to achieve her purpose that is both a reflection of and an extension to the original tome.
Ring of Gyges I like Socrates’ reaction to this mythical artefact – that the man who uses the ring becomes enslaved by his desires.
Gender inequality Thesis Atwood appropriates the contextually driven themes of gender inequality to apply to a modern audience. Shakespeare illustrated a strong theme of gender inequality in The Tempest, Atwood strengthens feminine characters and the role of women in Hag-seed to adapt her novel to a modern audience.