Grade 5: Unit 16: Lesson 5: “The Tempest”: Session 1

corrupt: (adj.) immoral, lacking integrity The corrupt judge was known to accept bribes.
mire: (n.) bog, swamp, marshy area The hiker emerged from the mire a bit muddy, but almost home.
tempest: (n.) a violent storm We thought it was going to be a summer shower, but when the winds got up to 50 miles an hour, we knew we were in a real tempest.
brine: (n.) salty water Spending hours in the brine, the surfer insisted, was what made his skin so healthy.
Much of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is set in the woods. How does this setting affect the events of that story?The woods contribute to the confusion of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Remind her that the confusion only occurs in the woods under the direction of Puck. The woods contribute to the confusion of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The confusion only occurs in the woods under the direction of Puck.
“The Tempest” is set on a deserted island. Consider how this setting might affect the story. Answer the following questions. • What would a person see or not see on a deserted island?• How would a person’s life on a deserted island be different from the life of a person surrounded by people and civilization? Some possible examples are Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe.
Who lives on the island? Prospero, his daughter Miranda, Caliban, and Ariel live on the island.
How old was Miranda when they arrived on the island? Miranda was only three years old when she and her father arrived on the island.
Describe Prospero and Miranda’s life before they came to the island. Prospero was the Duke of Milan and Miranda was a princess.
Why did Prospero and Miranda leave Milan? They left because Prospero’s brother and Alonso, the king of Naples, forced them from the city.
How did Prospero and Miranda arrive on the island? Prospero and Miranda arrived on the island several years ago when Prospero’s evil brother, Antonio, set them adrift in a boat after taking over Prospero’s position as Duke of Milan.
Who is Ariel? Ariel is a friendly sprite that acts as a servant for Prospero.
Why does Prospero bring Ferdinand to the island? Prospero brought Ferdinand to the island to be a companion for Miranda.
How has living alone on an island affected Miranda’s personality? Do you think she has been lonely? Miranda has had no companions on the island other than her father. She remembers very little from her previous life and does not know about society.
Do you think Prospero uses his power responsibly? Support your answer with examples from the story. Consider the following:• Prospero causes the storm and the shipwreck but makes sure all the passengers are safe.• Prospero freed Ariel but now insists that Ariel serve him.• Prospero does not allow Miranda to see or hear Ariel. There is a dual nature of Prospero. He is a kind and loving father to Miranda and he causes no permanent damage; however, he frequently uses his powers for his own gains, including the servitude of Ariel and the causing of the shipwreck for revenge against his enemies.
Miranda is extremely innocent. Further, Prospero has made every effort to make Miranda’s life on the island enjoyable. As such, her view of her father would likely be quite positive, though she would probably recognize that her father has tremendous powers since she knows that he caused the storm and shipwreck.
Ariel’s view of Prospero may be more mixed than Miranda’s. Ariel is indebted to Prospero for freeing him from the tree trunk, but Prospero does require that Ariel act as his servant and threatens to re-imprison Ariel. Prospero can be very kind, but he is also very powerful.