English: The Tempest

William Strachey Whose letter in 1610 gave Shakespeare motivation for The Tempest?
themes In his final period of dramatic activity, what are Shakespeare’s thoughts filled with?
Shakespeare’s farewell to his life in the London theatre What is Prospero’s epilogue compared to?
Prospero Who is the real Duke of Milan, deported from his kingdom by a jealous younger brother who usurped his throne?
Prospero Who is a complex character, a man who has been badly hurt but now has the means to revenge his wrongs?
Miranda Who is Prospero’s daughter?
Miranda Who was educated by her father and is innocent and docile but is also mature and sexually aware?
Alonso Who is the King of Naples and partner in the political coup that overthrew Prospero and made Milan subject to Naples?
Ferdinand Who is Alonso’s son who, believing his father to have drowned in the shipwreck, assumes that he is now the King of Naples?
Antonio Who is the younger brother to Prospero and now, through his own treachery, Duke of Milan?
Sebastian Who is the younger brother of Alonso and by nature is indolent, but he can be easily influenced and led astray by Antonio?
Gonzalo Who is a nobleman from the court of Naples and provides Prospero with the necessities for living – including Prospero’s books?
Ariel Who is Prospero’s agent on the island?
Caliban Who is the barely-human son of Sycorax and was exiled to the island at least twelve years before Prospero’s arrival there?
incorporated the latest fashions into a kind of drama that was his own How did Shakespeare respond the challenges of James I and the younger writers and critics who brought fresh ideas and influences to the stage?
masque What is a grand spectacular entertainment which combined song, speech, and dance in a display which was primarily visual in its appeal?
seating, artificial lighting, and sophisticated machinery What three things were present in the King’s Men new venue in the Blackfriars playhouse?
airbone goddesses, flying harpy, and disappearing banquet What three scenes in The Tempest all involve mechanical aid?
Blank verse _____________ has a regular rhythm but does not rhyme.
Bermudas Where did William Strachey’s ship land, which had good soil for crops and underground water?
native people What new danger did William Strachey and his crew face in the Bermudas?
Virginia Where were William Strachey and his fleet of ships traveling to before crashing?
romance What is the genre of The Tempest?
tragic comedy What do many people see The Tempest as, which is Shakespeare’s new format in literature?
1610-1611, England What is the time and place The Tempest was written in?
dreamy, magical, and mysterious What is the tone of The Tempest?
Themes __________ are the fundamental and universal ideas explored in a literary work.
Antonio and Sebastian What two people are very rude and impatient on the sinking boat?
providence What is the term for God or nature providing protective or spiritual care?
three How old was Miranda when her and Prospero got to the island?
fifteen How old is Miranda at the start of the play?
people loved them Why were Prospero and Miranda exiled and put on a small boat instead of being killed?
Gonzalo Before being exiled, who gave Prospero food, necessities and his books?
St. Elmo’s fire What is the blue flame called that burned some of the ship?
Ferdinand Who said when he leaped from the ship, “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.”?
Ferdinand Who did Ariel separate from the rest of the court and crew?
freedom What does Ariel want from Prospero?
Sycorax Who locked Ariel in a tree?
nymph of the sea What form does Ariel turn into?
Caliban Who tried to rape Miranda, making him a slave of Prospero?
music What does Ariel use to lure Ferdinand to Prospero and Miranda?
Ferdinand Who does Prospero make prisoner?
Claribel Who is Alonso’s daughter who married the King of Tunis?
Antonio and Sebastian What two people does Ariel keep awake?
Antonio Who convinces Sebastian to go along with his plan and kill Gonzalo and Alonso?
Antonio Who was going to kill Alonso?
Sebastian Who was going to kill Gonzalo?
Adrian and Francisco Who are two minor characters who try to cheer up Alonso?
Ariel Who intervenes by waking up Gonzalo before Antonio and Sebastian kill him and the king?
Trinculo Who is the jesture or clown on the shipwreck?
Stephano Who is the drunken butler that gives Caliban wine?
Miranda proposing to Ferdinand What is the climax of the romantic plot in the play?
slapstick humor What is the term for crude humor that often involves slapping and fighting?
take his books What does Caliban suggest that Stephano and Trinculo should do before killing Prospero?
Gonzalo According to Prospero, who is the honest lord?
Antonio and Sebastian According to Prospero, who are worse than devils?
harpy What form does Ariel have when vanishing the banquet?
harpies The __________ were monsters with the wings and talons of birds, but with the faces of women.
Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso In the scene with the disappearing banquet, who are the three men of sin that Ariel refers to?
disappearing banquet What is the political climax of the play?
Alonso After the disappearing banquet, who immediately begins to feel sorry and repent his sins?
balcony Where is Prospero while the banquet is being removed?
Adrian Who does Gonzalo ask to follow Antonio, Sebastian, and Alonso because they seem to be getting desperate?
to not have sex with Miranda before they are married What does Ferdinand promise to Prospero?
the love of Ferdinand and Miranda What is the performance put on by Prospero and Ariel meant to celebrate?
breaks the spell of the masque What would happen if Ferdinand had spoken too loudly during the masque?
remembers Caliban Why does Prospero stop the masque?
Stephano and Trinculo Who put on Prospero’s old clothes?
dogs What begins to chase Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban while they are discussing their new clothes?
nymph A ________ is a lesser spirit typically involved with nature.
Iris Who is the messenger and goddess of the rainbow?
Ceres Who is the goddess of agriculture and fertility?
Juno Who is the goddess of marriage and the queen of the gods?
Venus Who is the goddess of love?
Cupid Who is Juno’s son?
Hymen Who is the Roman goddess of the wedding feast?
Persephone Who is Cere’s daughter who was kidnapped by Pluto?
Naiads Who are the water nymphs who live in rivers?
Gonzalo Who cried during the play?
dukedom What does Alonso give to Prospero at the end of the play?
husband and human society What does Miranda find at the end of the play?
freedom What does Ariel find at the end of the play?
forgiveness in himself What does Prospero find at the end of the play?
repentance What does Alonso find at the end of the play?
Prospero What does Gonzalo find at the end of the play?
justice What does Sebastian and Antonio find at the end of the play?
wedding of Ferdinand and Miranda What will happen once the court and Prospero and Miranda return to Milan?
safe sailing home What is Prospero’s last request to Ariel?
break the spell of the play Why does Prospero ask the audience to applaud in his epilogue?