English: The Tempest Act II

How does Gonzalo try to comfort Alonso in the scene’s first speech? By saying that at least they survived; “Reason for joy is greater…”
What is the wager between Antonio and Sebastion? Bet of who will speak first: Gonzalo or Adrian
Who wins the bet between Antonio and Sebastion? Antonio
Who notices the characters’ garnets were unharmed by the sea? Gonzalo
Where had the nobles been before the shipwreck? Why? Africa for the King’s Daughter’s wedding (Claribel)
Who does Sebastion blame for the death of Ferdinand? Why? Alonso; if Alonso married his daughter to a European instead of African, wreck wouldn’t have happened
Did Claribl eagerly anticipate her marriage? How do we know? no, she did it to be obedient
Does Sebastion make any effort to comfort his brother as Adrian and Gonzalo do? no; Sebastion makes him feel guilty, blaming him for his son’s death
Gonzalo describes an ideal country, name some of its attractions Innocent, Pure, Sovereign. No work, crime, violence
Is Gonzalo’s description of the country realistic? why/ why not? No; it assumes man and world aren’t fallen, and that nature will supply
Whats a Complicating Incident? when a character makes a difficult decision, that one cannot turn back on
What is the difficult decision was made by two of the nobles? Antonio and Sebastion decide to kill Alonso and Gonzalo
Who suggests the murder? Antonio
Why was Sebastian’s agreement to Participate in Alonso’s murder more shocking, then if he agreed to take part in killing someone else? Alonso is Sebastian’s brother
What does Antonio’s remark about his garments indicate about his conscience? He feels no guilt for taking his brother’s position
How are Gonzalo and Alonso saved from being murdered? Ariel awakes him by singing in his ear
Caliban indicates that his rambling curses aimed at Prospero may hurt himself, why does he think this? Prospero’s spirits might hear him, resulting in more torture
Does Caliban’s realization of the spirits make him stop complaining? Why? no; he can’t help himself
Why does Trinculo crawl under Caliban’s garment? To escape a storm
What does Trinculo want to do with Caliban? Make money by putting him on display in England
How does Stephano take comfort in his “scurvy tunes”? By drinking wine
What does Stephano want to do with Caliban? Take him to Naples as gift to Emperor
What makes Caliban decide that Stephano is a “god”? Stephano gives Caliban “celestial liquor”- wine
What does Caliban volunteer to serve Stephano? Caliban says he will show Stephano how to use the island to live richly, will kiss his feet
Stephano’s desire to rule the island may be seen as satirical or humorous imitation of Antonio’s and Sebastion’s desire to rule Milan and Naples. Explain this In reality… Antonio and Sebastion have no better claim to rule then Stephano does
Explain the pun that uses dollar/dolor in lines 16-20 A dollar comes to an entertainer; a Dolor (grief/sorrow) comes to one who accepts trouble w/o resisting
what does bate mean? leave out
In lines 134-143 and 145-150, who and what does Gonzalo quote from? Montaigne’s Essay of Cannibals
An means what? if
Prospero uses magic to make all sleep except? Sebastion and Antonio
“Treble thee over” means what? Makes you 3x as great and rich
What does Stephano’s name mean? Belly/Paunch
Stephano was probably what? (based off name) Fat
How did Stephano escape? (butt of sack) a barrel of wine
What does Trinculo mean when he calls Caliban a credulous monster? He’s gullible, to easily believes (shallow)
What does Stephano mean when he says “we will inherit here”? He wants to take over, rule, and control the island